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Friday, April 29, 2011

Pink Saturday 4/30/2011

Another Pink Saturday from Beverly at How Sweet The Sound. To visit all the participants, just click on the logo below and go visit with them.

More up-close shots of roses around my house. I set the camera to close-up and zeroed in pretty close. I had my flash on. This is what the Canon can do. Love that camera. Love the roses more though. ;-)

This is my coffee filter rose so close I can even see the glue on it. Hmmm, must remember to pick off those strands.


Random Thoughts:

I'm probably one of the few out of billions of people who didn't watch the royal wedding and, actually, haven't even been following it or caught up in the glitz of it. I'm not a royal follower. I did see a picture of her in her dress this morning when I came in to read my morning news on the internet though and I must say she was lovely. Her dress was simple but gorgeous. I've always thought Diana's dress was the ugliest wedding gown I'd ever seen. Oh, do NOT get me wrong. Diana was a lovely woman, but I don't think her style came through until years later. I most certainly wish the couple happiness, but I pity her for marrying a future king. They traditionally have mistresses and I know I couldn't share my hubby with anyone. I want commitment from my man and want to be the only woman in his life. I want someone to marry me who thinks I'm his queen and will remain faithful in this life and the next. And I did marry one.

A few weeks ago I read where Chicago banned homemade lunches and chocolate milk in their schools. Easter eggs are now called Spring Spheres. How silly is this and where will the insanity stop? My lunches from home were better fare than what came out of the cafeteria. Plus, I hate milk, but love hot chocolate. My kids went mostly to private schools just for this reason. My son took an English class and was taught by a Mexican woman who spoke to the kids in Spanish! He couldn't understand her so I got him out of that class as fast as I could make the phone call. That's when I decided to send them to private schools. He now speaks Spanish fluently, but that was after he learned proper English.

I also read a few days ago that calling animals "pets" is insulting. WHAT??? I know how most of you feel about your animals, but calling them pets is not insulting. That's what they are. Fur children is what my daughter calls her 3 cats and 2 dogs and she loves them more than ME! Insanity.

Did you know fingerprints are just friction ridges? Yep, that's what the experts call them.

A father's duty is to protect his children, right after loving their mother. I cannot tell you how sad I feel for those without their fathers. And that is increasing in this age of promiscuity. If a man loves you he will want to make you his wife and have you bear his children.

I think you've had enough of my ramblings for one day. Ooooh, I'm getting better day by day with this foot surgery. ;-)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Has Finally Arrived

Yesterday I was able to get out into the yard to photograph the spring growth in the yard. It felt wonderful! Anyway, I'm sharing a few things today. Also, a friend, Stacy, who is a professional photographer, came over the other day and showed me some editing features on my iPhoto that even I didn't know. She's so very good on her computer and really put me to shame showing me things that I sat in stunned silence for several seconds since she isn't even on a Mac. I'll be doing more practice with my camera around the house today. I'm very blessed to count this young chick as my friend.

This is our apple tree blossoming out.

Using my close-up setting on my Canon proves you can get good up-close photos.

This wasn't the best up-close photo but I'll share my failures as well as my successes.

Our new cherry tree.

My favorite tree is Quaking Aspen. I just love how the leaves flutter in the slightest breeze.

Hubby's Concord grapes are budding out also. Did you know you can actually watch grapes grow as they grow so fast, probably an inch every few days and can easily grow 15 ft. in one season? (Nope, I didn't focus correctly on this one either.)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Just Checking In 4/25/2011

My photography skills are sorely lacking this morning, but I needed to post. Sorry. I am just checking in to let you know I'm doing well, probably better than expected. That is not to say there isn't still pain; there is. But I am mobile, sick of watching videos on my MacBookPro, bored and hoping for a fast recovery. Some of you know exactly what I mean. It's hard for me to stay down and not have the freedom of cleaning my house as I'd like it. I shall persevere for the next few weeks and not complain...MUCH. In the meantime enjoy the terrible photo of what is next to my bed...

and know that I almost fell off my office chair getting the photo of how th' foot is coming along. ;-)

Swelling is going down rapidly, but then I keep ice on that foot for hours a day. The dark spots on the left inside heel and the outside of the foot are not shadows; they are bruising that is healing nicely.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Creating and Gettin' th' Boot!

Yes, I have been praying very hard for this heel/foot to heal quickly and my prayers were answered. I can now walk, but only with this boot. Let me tell you this is one high tech boot. Whereas my foot in the splint had to be sort of sloped to a downward angle, in the boot is has to be sloped up a bit. He put it on and that had to do some adjustments to it with some steel braces on the side. But at least I'm mobile once again. It doesn't hurt as much as I thought it would to bear weight on that foot. But the tendon is still healing as he had to detach it from the bone and reattach it when done. So we're stretching it slowly over the next few weeks. Slow, small adjustments.

I have to tell you my leg has withered a great deal. The doctor said it only takes a few weeks for the muscles to come back though. Happy ME!

I'm taking these photos with my foot in the boot. It's a hot thing to wear but I am able to sleep without it and sit in a chair watching my action movies that have been lent to me.

I watched this message on my Church's website and am offering it to you all to view as it talks about creating. I think it says it all and what is truly in my heart. I think it will stir your heart also.

Dieter Uchtdorf is in the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He's a pilot by profession.

Sorry for no eye candy but now that I can get around more, I'll be photographing again. :-) :-) :-) Can you tell I'm thrilled?!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Answering Claudia's Post about Blogging

ME! And, yes, that's a good photo of me. I shaved my lip and chin hairs that day and put on makeup. I'm getting more wrinkles around the chin line. ;-( I've also included a few eye candy photos to "pretty up" the blog post today. :-)

Update: At first I erroneously named the book by Jeffrey Deaver The Numbered Account. My mistake; it was called The Broken Window by Jeffrey Deaver. I have no clue why I called it that other than I'm a prolific reader of his novels. Sorry.

Recently, Claudia at Mockingbird Hill Cottage blogged about...well, blogs and the evolution and authenticity of them. I found it extremely interesting as she echoed some of my very own thoughts, and I'd like to expound on it with thoughts of my very own.

As with Claudia, my thoughts are on blogging frequently, and it is indeed a very personal thing. I also don't put much on here that would lead to someone stalking me as I've had that happen to me, and it's not something I wish to have repeated. [I've even seen blogs that have the house number and their last name on the front. Very easy to burglarize if they happen to post they'll be on vacation at a certain time. I know this because we've been burglarized twice in California and once here in Idaho. It will get worse. If you doubt me, just read The Broken Window by Jeffrey Deaver for a look into what the internet is becoming. It's an eye opener for me and the technology is there at this very moment for these things to happen.] I've tried finding my voice or own little niche for the 5 years I've been blogging. There have been times when I'd venture into different things but it just didn't feel like me. Hence, I went back and deleted every single one that didn't stay true to who I am. I have ended up just putting my thoughts on here many, many times. My very first post didn't even have photographs, but that changed very quickly as I love seeing photos. Photography has become a passion of mine, as has writing.

I don't journal, although our Church recommends it both for personal growth and a legacy for our children and grandchildren. I just could never get the hang of it because, mostly, it hurts to hold a pen and write. This is so very true for these old hands, plus my life isn't that interesting actually.

Giveaways also were a way to draw people. I'm like anyone and everyone else; I love people to visit. I tried different ways to attract viewers but gave up after realizing it wasn't for them especially, as much as it was a creative outlet for me. I joined just about any and every meme that came along but that didn't work for me and, again, wasn't true to who I am. I don't do swaps anymore unless I really, really feel like it, but I'm trying my best to get rid of 50 years of accumulation in this house; hence, I've only done one for the last 2 years. I don't particularly like them. I saw one blogger who only posts when she has a giveaway and has a very successful business in her area of crafting. I just can't do that. I won't do any giveaways anymore to draw people to my blog. I do them for the goodness it makes my heart feel and to truly make someone happy who, perhaps, has never won anything. But I wasn't even any good at that! One woman won a Christmas tree ornament I made that was truly lovely. I made three to see which ones I wanted to keep, so I tried to give away this Victorian one. It turned out beautiful. Well, I thought so anyway. I alerted her to the win a couple of times and never heard from her. I ended up sending it to a woman in Florida who was in my eBay group because I knew she'd love it. She did. This is that tree topper.

I have at the moment 1,035 blog posts with the very first several having been deleted by blogger because I suppose I've exceeded their limit. I've let trying to get more viewers NOT be my driving force for blogging. I do it for ME and only ME. As with Claudia, I'm a talker and love to write (type/keyboard) and share ideas and thoughts. And to write correctly. I'm sick to death of people trashing the English language the way it is today. I've yet to meet one young person who can articulate well and that's pathetic. I speak the way I write. Sometimes with a soft expletive thrown in, but I don't have a trashy mouth.

I also want my blog to be recognizable so I haven't changed it much. Nothing stymies me more than going to a blog I frequent and a whole new look stares me in the face. Usually, I'm not sure if I'm in the right place or not. Do as you please, but for me I'll not change much. And some posts will be long and some short; that's just the way it goes, chicks.

I shamefully lurk a lot also, Claudia, but I simply don't have the time to post at every single one I follow. Plus, some truly don't require a response and some others are ones for which I don't necessarily have a response. I love hearing from bloggers. I truly do. And I do try to hit everyone once in a while but I get so busy with other things I might not be able to. I've stopped viewing or following blogs that only do giveaways or blog mostly ads for things they sell. I don't do that; I have another blog for things I want to get rid of or sell. For me blogs are for regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, and graphics. Being somewhat OCD and a very visual person, ads, lots of blinkies or "fluff" and "sponsors" distract me quite a lot visually, so I don't visit them much, it at all. That is one reason I love Google Reader to peruse the blogs. You don't have to put up with all that distraction.

Having said all that, I truly don't see a time when I'll completely abandon blogging, but with all things, it has to end at some time. Also, who knows what the next social trend will be? I don't do Facebook except to see photos of my cute great grandchild, Caroline, and Twitter doesn't interest me at all. But someday there will be another thing that catches fire like mad and who knows; you just might see me over there. I'm a very young-at-heart old lady! And somewhat tech savvy also. I also hope you enjoyed the bit of eye candy I took with my Canon Rebel XS, Claudia. ;-)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Pink Saturday 4/16/2011 French Cottage

Happy Pink Saturday, sweet bloggers. Once again visit with Beverly for more pink in your life and beautiful things to see.

Since I'm confined to home pretty much for the next 5 weeks and can't even get into my yard easily I thought I'd look around and try to capture some photos in my books and on the internet for Pink Saturday.

I came across this darling little cottage for rent in France and wanted to share its charm with you. I'm not particularly one of those people who are dying to go to France but this would be an ideal vacation spot for some of you. ;-)

My dream living room. Well, one of my dream living rooms anyway.

It's in the northwest part of France and looks to be near the ocean, just how far I'm not sure, but very close.

This is not part of the house but I thought I'd share the lovely living room with you anyway. Another dream room of mine.

I also came across these little storage buckets and just thought I'd need to buy them but I don't need anymore storage bins or boxes with what I have now. But aren't they just gorgeous?! And I love pink stripes.

I've seen this house on the blogs before but maybe you haven't. I could live there quite easily. It's just gorgeous to me, plus it takes a brave person to paint their home pink.

I'll be doing another post on blogging in a few days. I'm trying to keep as active as I can without being able to bear any weight on my right foot so maybe I'll post more often for a while. I just don't want to bore anyone.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Musings 4/13/2011

Are you tired of the teeth and the foot by now? I am! So on to better things.

I've been reading a lot the past few days and since I can't get out of the house easily it's just about the only thing I can do. So tonight I thought I'd share a few more thoughts.

Several years ago on eBay the shabby chic decor was a hot item. I'd never sold before but when I saw some of the going prices I jumped on the band wagon with pillows, sachets, birdhouses and other fanciful things. I sold a few things but not much. I thought they were on par with the other sellers and at much better prices, but, alas, many others didn't I suppose and I had many things left over. The little sachet below is one of them.

There were a few sellers who were commanding high prices—such as $500—for those little sachets! Yes. I couldn't believe it but mine went for $10 if they sold at all. Well, there were a few buyers who paid such ridiculous prices but one buyer was scamming the sellers. It then got ugly.

This particular buyer was paying astronomical prices for items from just a handful of sellers and then didn't pay or was paying with her boss' credit card. A scam. We're talking thousands and thousands of dollars here. It was a bidding war to see who could buy a tiny sachet or pillow and command the highest price. Honestly, I couldn't begrudge any creator their high price but that was ridiculous in my estimate. Hundreds of dollars? The sellers fought to get their money back and even created a group on eBay for the sellers who were scammed by her. And it got uglier!

For some of the sellers it got downright nasty. I've never seen such vehemence in my life. I helped in that group with the technicality part because I was proficient in eBay groups and computers in general, but I left after a while because I just couldn't deal with the vehemence. Yes, I believe those women should have definitely gotten their money or merchandise back and all the associated fees, but dwelling on it wasn't solving the issue.

Hence, I gave up selling on eBay, at least my homemade items. I was a flop as a seller. :-( I'll sell a few items now but they're usually things I'm trying to get rid of. It was a devastating thing to know I wasn't much of a seller. :-) But such is life.

The other day I saw this story and just couldn't believe it. I'm a pro-life lady, converted about 20 years ago. Seeing my beautiful grandchildren and great granddaughter, Miss Caroline, I just couldn't imagine something like them being aborted for the sake of convenience. This baby is 21 weeks old in his mummy's womb and a very talented doctor opened her up via a c-section, opened the womb and operated so this less than 5 month old baby boy wouldn't be born with spina bifida. And it worked! He was healthy. The story said that the moment the baby grasped the surgeon's finger he froze, was totally immobile and stated that it was the most emotional moment in his life. I can see why. He gave that little guy the gift of a normal life and his parents are beyond thrilled. I must say, however, that the doctor was tucking his little hand back inside as it flopped out. That does not take away from the fact that it's a baby. I think the little boy is now about 11 years old but this story didn't get much coverage at all in the papers or television. I thank God for the talent of the surgeons who save these tiny angels.

I think I've said enough for today. Maybe I'll participate in Pink Saturday this week...if I can get around enough to photograph some pink stuff.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Musings

Can you tell I'm bored? Well, I am. I've been perusing the blogs this afternoon since I can't go to church because of this:

Maybe these won't keep me out of church, but a sinus attack can. First it was food poisoning, then the braces, then the foot/heel surgery and today I'm coming down with a sinus attack. Can you believe this?! I haven't been out of the house for 4 days and I'm in desperate need of a shower and shampoo. Hubby announced this afternoon that he wants to try and give me a shower tomorrow. I said there was no way I could stand on one leg in the shower. He suggested a tub bath. I said once I got down there is no way I'd be able to get back up on one leg. We've compromised on a sponge bath tomorrow. ;-) I'm simply feeling too vulnerable to trust someone to do anything when I only have one good leg/foot to support me. Scary thought.

I never thought braces hurt so bad. Maybe it's just that kids don't complain much or are afraid of what their parents will do, but I'm not a kid, and these dang things hurt my tongue and inner mouth. If anyone has had this experience as an adult, I'd love to hear from you and how it gets better.... pleeeeeease, tell me it does.

Reading some blogs today and came across some rants, which is fine, but I came across several that are in just plain bad taste. One blogger describes in detail her dating experiences. (Okay, I went there innocently and will never go again.) But bad taste is still bad taste. For Pete's sake, why glorify your tasteless adventures?

Then I came across some religious ones and some are rather beautiful and some not so much. I'm a religious person but I don't do a lot of spiritual blogging. Why? I'm really not sure, but I am a praying woman and thank God daily for our blessings and to seek His help with my life. Sunday is a day of rest for us. We don't shop or eat out unless we happen to be traveling.

But one caught my eye as sheer poetry how she describes her Sundays and her attention to her loved ones and home on that day. She just brings comfort to my mind when she so lovingly posts.

And this is the best I can do without being able to stand and photograph things for ya, chicks. I think I'll go read and feel sorry for myself. :-)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

What Else Could Happen?!

It's been one heck of a week for me. But first I need to show the birthday people. My eldest grandchild and only granddaughter turned 31. My son turned 48. Yep, April is a big month for celebrations in this family. And oldest grandson is turning 27 next week. And since granddaughter is my height—5' 4"—you can see how tall Adam is—6' 3".

Granddaughter and her hubby and Caroline a few months ago.

Son and his wife celebrating 24th wedding anniversary next week also. You can see why I have such beautiful grandsons.

Now on to what else is happening.

First, on monday I got braces on my bottom teeth. Yep, at my age! I cannot tell you how sore my mouth and tongue are. Why, you ask? Well, to save my bottom teeth from shifting any more than they have, which will strengthen them and not lose them as I grow older. I intend to keep every single one of them before I leave this earth, and my dentist and I share the same philosophy. Hence, I've been able to only eat milkshakes for the most part and Dreamsicles. Chewing hurts too badly.

Then this morning I had surgery on my right foot to remove bone from the heel because it was stressing my achilles tendon. I'm in a splint from behind my knee to the tips of my toes. I cannot walk or bear any weight on the right foot for a month. Can we say "ouch"?! Can I please have an "awwww, so sorry for ya"?! I just scoot around on this scooter for a while. I'm not thrilled in case you're wondering. I even have to have help going to the bathroom. Hubby and I will be very, very close for a few weeks.

And speaking of that, what did he decide to cook for dinner???? The fishiest smelling fish in the freezer. I cannot tell you what this house smells like now. I think you can get my drift.

I am heavily padded at the moment, but you cannot keep a blogger down, right? I cannot believe how big my foot and leg look in this photo. Sigh.... Plus it's 6:45 pm at the moment and I'm still paralyzed. It should wear off sometime during the night and the pain will kick in. Sigh...