My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Few Thoughts About My Blog and Blogging

Aren't these cards gorgeous? I have them in the short hallway into the laundry room and bedroom. I just love looking at them.

I was making things for the new princess to be born in just a couple of weeks. I had this idea for a bib for our soon-to-be-born Miss "A" and got busy on it today while hubs was away.

I made this little bib, booties and shoes for a lady in our ward who is expecting her first girl after having 2 boys. She probably doesn't have a thing froufrou-y with 2 very boyish boys so I had to do something, right? The reverse side is a beautiful pink paisley.


I travel around the blogs and some things I see just don't make sense. Bloggers who have multiple ads on their blog and don't blog so much as advertise. I guess it depends on what blogging means.

I don't have the energy or the dishes to do a table setting once a week! Where do they find the settings to do it every week? I just bought some plastic dishes from Target and Wal Mart and am loving them but I doubt seriously anyone would want to see them in a table setting.

I see vignettes and tablescapes but don't join in very much because, let's face it, once you've seen my home, you've seen it!

Then I came across a blogger who has some similar sentiments as I do.

My blog centers around home decorating, some crafting (a lot lately!), a few random thoughts about my funny, witty and humorous life and my outlook on life. As with her, my home is the center of my world. As with her, I relish getting my mail in the morning. I want to go out to the mailbox and retrieve it myself. Since being retired, Love Bunny is trying to usurp that from me and I'm rebelling! I told him the mail is my "responsibility." Also if he sees an ad, he'll fall for it and buy something we don't need. I'm the "keeper of the home" in this house. Don't try and take that away from me. I relish my job.

As with her, I have a modest following and have giveaways. I love having them. I also want the people that follow me to have the bigger possibility of receiving the prize. Believe it or not, I had a giveaway once, emailed the woman, announced it on here and she never responded. So I gave it to a friend who I knew would have loved to have it. I'm not going to beg you to take my giveaway.

As with her, promoting myself has always been hard to do but I've sucked it up a bit and asked for help. AND I've received it from some gracious bloggers. I'd promote your blog if you asked me to do it, and I'd do it for nothing! I do relatively few ads and I get a request from several but I don't want it to be about ads. I want it to be easy to read, delightful, helpful, funny, beautiful—because I DO live beautifully.

I love blogging. It's a creative outlet for me as much as crafting and making beautiful things for my home. I love doing the photography because it helps me expand my horizons. I love the writing of the blog itself. It helps me hone my skills, and it keeps my brain active. I also enjoy sharing beautiful things with the readers. I want it to make someone happy and be a visual feast for them.