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Friday, May 30, 2008

Workin' in the Craft Sewing Room!

Isn't this sweet plate adorable? I just received it today from an ebay seller and it is so delicate looking I just love it.

I've been straightening my craft/sewing room for what seems like years! I've bought shelves and storage "thingies" but nothing seems to help me keep it in "organized" shape. Every time I go in there and make something it seems to revert to its former status. I think the "Disorganize Fairies" are going in there at night and just having a field day and trying to make me craaaaaaazzzzzzzyyyyy!! Anybody know what I mean??? *Sigh*

This is my progress today - pix are not in order but you know what I mean when you see the shelves. I've arranged several shelves of fabric and folded it into smaller bundles. There is no much fabric in there I may have to sell some to make room for more craft things. Ooooooh, bite my tongue!!!!!! Sell my fabric?? That would certainly make dear hubs happy but we have a deal: he doesn't sell his trains; I don't sell my fabric! Works for meeeee!!!!!

But what I want to point out is the close ups of the fabrics below. Would you ever guess that all of that fabric on the table in the close ups is flannel?!?! Yes, it is. I got it at a store in California several years ago and it is wonderfully fine flannel - high end I believe. I've never seen any like it anywhere else. Just gorgeous truly!