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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lazing Around on A Snowy Day

The photos I took recently of this were just horrid so I tried again today to get a better picture of that plant shelf. I lifted all the blinds in the living room and fully opened the vertical blinds in the dining area to get as much light as I could and this is the best I could do. I also didn't do the "feathering" effect with my PhotoShop on these to allow it to appear more natural. Plus it snowed the night before so the ground was white and reflecting more light in than usual. Sorry state of affairs with the lighting in this house. I plan on getting solar tubes put in as soon as I can afford it. I may have to do some serious "nights of wild abandon" for this one though. *Sigh*.....

From this to...


Closer view.

Farther view from across the room.

View outside my lacy front window this morning.

I think I'll go have a cup of hot cocoa and write some promised letters. Till next time, chicks.

Noooooo, wait a minute here. Do you know the meaning of frustration? Well, I'm here to tell ya.

Frustration is tracking your new computer and seeing that it's "on truck out for delivery to house" by FedEx today, waiting and waiting. Then sitting here I see the FedEx truck outside and jump up to go to the door—seeing the truck pulling away and no package on the front porch because it needs to be signed for before they'll leave it on the porch. I didn't hear the doorbell or catch him on my camera sitting near my desk displaying the front door! I quickly call FedEx to ask them to call him to come back. After a couple of minutes, the customer service lady tells me he doesn't have a cell phone! Now, every body that breathes on the North American continent, plus most other continents with the exception of Antarctica MAYBE, has a cell phone. Every illegal has a cell phone. Every kid over the age of 18 months has a cell phone. But NOT my FedEx man?!?!?!? Aaaaaarrrgggghhhh. Another day of sitting home waiting for my new computer.....*Sigh*.....