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Monday, September 28, 2009

Out With The Old and In With The New.....

I've been experiencing a bit of a lag with my old Kenmore sewing machine but perhaps the reason is that I bought it in 1967 in 29 Palms, Calif. Yeah, it truly is that old. I've used it for making my kids' clothes and dresses, pillows, curtains and mending all those years.

I remember once I was trying to make a wool blackwatch plaid shirt for Love Bunny and I got so frustrated I threw it in the garbage. (Or maybe HE did; can't remember.) I was a young housewife and mother and just was trying to be a model homemaker! Didn't work; I thought I was hopeless. But hubs fished it out of the garbage and finished the shirt himself. He's a handy kinda guy, really, even in the domestic arts.

Anyway, this is the machine and I'm not giving it up yet, but I did go purchase a new Kenmore. All plastic. The old one is metal all over and heavy. I've replaced the motor, the tab that makes it go in reverse, but some things are just no longer available and I can feel it struggling every time I sew on it now.

This is the new machine—computerized and about 50 different stitches. It's very nice, runs smoothly but it's all plastic. I doubt I'll use it for 42 more years because I'm not going to last that long, but it'll be nice to use it when I get accustomed to its features and the "feel" of it.

Isn't it nice looking? This one was $280.00 and I'm sure the old one didn't even come close to that because at that time we couldn't have afforded $300.00 except maybe for a car. That was a chunk of money back then. But it was affordable and I loved it.

I sure am going to miss not sewing on it all the time, but I'll get used to the new one. *Sniff*..........

This is one of the things I've been working on lately. Just a peek for you chicks!