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Friday, September 4, 2009

Lunch with the Chicks at Cafe de Coco #2

First one thing: I accidentally deleted some things on this blog a few days ago and haven't had time to put them back on. My blog roll was one of them. I have 160+ to add back on but that's going to have to wait until I get back from our camping trip starting today. I was using a different browser, which is just a tad different from the one I usually use, and tried to see what a new template would look like. I was in shock when instead of "previewing" it, it actually changed it. When I put the regular template THAT I SAVED(!) back on several things were "wrong" and several things had been deleted. So that's just one of my minor dilemmas at the moment. I have them all on my Google Reader (thank goodness!). I'll add them back later as I said. Also if you'd like me to add yours, just let me know by leaving a message on this post. But read the sidebar on the right about me adding blogs, which USED to be on the left. *Sigh*......................

More photos of Cafe de Coco. Isn't this cute? Prices were a bit more than I was willing to spend that day but they had some things I would really have loved to buy.

That little dress form was one of the things I would have loved. And the shelf actually.

And this bureau.

And this! I don't think it was for sale though, just a display piece.

Dried flowers strewn around the tops of one brightly colored wall.

Another display piece that would have fit on my front porch actually!

Lots of little froufrou things for the shabby home.

This is just as you come in the entry door to the cafe.

The whole vignette is simply to-die-for! Just adorable. Very Parisienne. That little chair and dresser are absolutely adorable.

And how about this darling chandelier?! Well, it isn't actually a chandelier but it hangs so prettily with glass ornaments.

Random Thought:

Men and women definitely do not speak the same language. Think about that and I may have more on it at a later post.