My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pink Room So Far Today.........

I love this color!!! Oh my gosh, can I see the whole house painted in this color or what?!??! Yesssssssss! Painter had some "employee" problems this morning and will have to come back tomorrow to finish up but this color is Yummmmmy. Lowe's Valspar Cupid's Arrow. Just absolutely lovely. Here's the room so far today.....

Laaazzzy Day

Just being lazy today and posting what I got in the mail. Thank you, Katie! They are gorgeous roses!!! I'll show what I do with them when I figure out what I'm gonna make.

I was given these adorable crocheted potholders a couple of years ago. Aren't they adorable? They are so cute in person.

Notice Something Strange Here??

I decided to look in the back of the fridge today and what do I see?! Just take a look. We mark all our food with a date. I think it's time to throw it OUT. Eleven years and still not eating it should say something about how much jelly and jams we use. Looks a bit suspicious to me when it starts turning white........sugar, perhaps?? Doesn't look like anything growing...... Oooooh, BTW, my office is in such a jumble that's the only place I could find in here to photograph it - the paint shelf!! :-)