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Monday, March 30, 2009

Jazzing Up Old Jackets

A quick fix solution to a problem.

I wear sunglasses if I'm outside—no matter what. If I'm outside I'm wearing my sunglasses. But hooking them into the neckline of my tops or even putting them on top of my head has resulted in broken glasses. I buy good ones at the optometrist. So I finally devised a way to hang them around my neck when shopping and needing my reading glasses to read labels.

I had an extra strap I had once made for a tote but never did make the tote. So I used that to go around my neck and then put 2 buttonholes in it to hold each pair of glasses by the ear piece: sunglasses and reading glasses securely at my neck without them falling out and breaking. VoilĂ . Here is how it turned out, chicks. Very easy and it just stays in my purse for when I go out. Quick, cheap fix.

I decided the other day to put new buttons on my jackets to jazz them up a bit. They usually come with the standard "el cheapo" kind of button even if it is JJill. I think they all are better looking with "snappier" buttons.