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Friday, November 13, 2009

New Neck Ties and What Can Be Done With Old Ones

We went shopping in Boise at Macys recently for new neck ties for hubby. Are these not exquisite?! I am very flamboyant when it comes to dressing my man. He almost always heeds my advice. He got a new suit and another sport coat. The salesclerk said I have excellent taste; I thanked him and smiled because the other people around were getting very conservative ties. One little girl picked one out for her mommy and mommy said, "No, honey, daddy likes conservative ties." I chuckled to myself. Conservative ties do not mean DULL! These are conservative, just colorful and beautiful. He wore one today and we'll see how many compliments he gets when he gets home tonight and tells me. :-) I would have bought a few more but my budget was overextended as it was.

Oh, btw, when we were there they told us if we put it on our Macys card we'd get an extra discount. Well, as luck would have it, I haven't used it in years so it expired. But if I opened a new account I got even deeper/more discounts so we opened it once again. We kept waiting and waiting and finally hubby received a call on his cell phone and handed it to me. It was LifeLock calling to tell me that someone was trying to apply for a new credit card in my name! I assured her that it was indeed me. We left to go get something to eat and while we were eating hubby received another cell phone call telling us we could go back and get deeper discounts so back we went down the mall to Macys and got all those ties and a suit for $267.00! I love Macys but I have become enthralled with LifeLock! It works.

And a good part of it is that when he's done with these ties down the road several years I can them use them to hang behind my pictures to look like the picture is hanging from the ties. These will be exquisite for this. See what you can do with hubby's old ties?

Taken with all three together. The sides are a book I propped them up on, not another tie. ;-)

Isn't this new tassel I got for hanging on our grandfather clock gorgeous?