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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Room Eye Candy

I'm just going to relax today and not tell you a story, just let you peruse the photos I've collected for your enjoyment. Wait, wait, wait...I just thought of something I've been wanting to mention to you bloggers.

A while back someone asked me about the dimensions of my blog because I could fit in wider photos. I have an iMac with a 21" screen so it's big but someday I'm hoping to get a 27" iMac. ;-) Yeah, right, like that'll happen.

Anyway, because I like large screens and a lot of room for my pictures I went into the template and made it the maximum width I could possibly do. Do not try this if you're not familiar with templates; you could screw the whole thing up.

Oh, if I could only get my space to look this good. Sigh.

Hanging a pretty blouse in a window is a very creative idea. This looks like a living room but also a studio with the bolts of fabric resting in the corner. Could it be a small apartment somewhere doing double duty?

Magnificent in white with a touch of beige.

So much eye candy it's giving me a sugar high! I love this vignette.

And this one, too.

And this very simple nostalgic one also.

Don't you just wish?! ;-)

And for lovers of quilts. I'm especially drawn to lavender and pink ones but my granddaughter's favorite color is purple and variations of that color. She would love this one.

Can we say caauuute her?! Look at all that red punctuating that darling island in that darling kitchen.

I especially noticed how this homeowner worked these gorgeous fabrics into her living room wall decor. I find it absolutely stunning what she has done. Inexpensive and very innovative, not to mention the teapot/teacup lamp.

Elegance and...


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