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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Painting Pink Continues..........

Yep, and so it does continue...........

It's very difficult to show colors and differences on the internet but you can get the idea of how much difference there truly is. Beige to pink. Beige is the hardest color to paint over actually. It will always need at least 2 coats with anything else other than more beige. It might look like I'm overloading with photos but there is a purpose for each one - closer, farther or showing the contrast between the two colors.

Here you can see the contrast pretty well from the living room wall and the hallway wall not done yet. Pink, anyone?!?!?!

Yep, still a mess, but some things will go back into "position" today!! Yippppeeeee, kitchen next.........

I received this award from Gina at catnipinnprimitives and she's a sweetie for giving me this award. I enjoy her blog and invite anyone to visit it.

Now, while Gina is wanting me to select 6 chicks to spread this love around, I think this little puppy needs more help than this! I know this is atrocious for an animal to be treated like this and it may turn stomachs for those of you who are animal lovers but this needs to be stopped. Nothing on this earth should be treated like this. Animals or human beings. So please go to this blog and help do what you can. I will personally email to my family for donations to help this sick puppy. Follow your hearts,chickees. Angie at this blog lovetheprimlook so go see what you might be able to do.

This second award comes from Raggedygirl who lives in the desert. I just happen to love the desert and live in one but I've lived in the Yuma, AZ and 29Palms, Calif. deserts also. There is a stark beauty you don't find anywhere else. It speaks to my heart. I'm supposed to give it to 8 bloggers but my life is pretty hectic at the moment - when is it NOT?!) with the painting and my home being so disrupted, so I'm assigning this award to each of you who read this to pass it on. Please pass it on some blogger you know and love. I'm countin' on ya, chickees!! ;-)