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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Some People Ask the Silliest Questions and Pink Saturday

Happy pink saturday! Go visit with Beverly at How Sweet the Sound to see and visit with all the participants.

Several women I know and a few bloggers have asked me what in the world do I blog about or how do I come up with things to blog about? Usually I tell them to read my blog if it is the former asking the question. Some are stymied that I can find so much to write. I have so much to blog about it's hard NOT to blog, chicks! Life to me is a blog and a photoshoot. I've said this before so excuse me for being repetitive. I do this for ME and if it helps someone else along the way, then fine. So be it. It's hard NOT to find things to blog about. Just driving somewhere with Love Bunny can be a blogging experience. Trust me!

This particular day:
I have been wanting to: make new pillows for living room sofa, recover the pop-up trailer cushions, make covers for the front porch chairs, paint some picture frames and various other things on a list about 2 pages long. In the midst of that, our daughter calls me and tells me she's taking 8 kids to Great America in San Jose. (This is the girl that lost her husband in May, remember. I only have one daughter.) Eight kids to Great America??? She has a Toyota Camry hybrid! How is she getting 8 kids and herself into that? One of the kids' grandmother loans them her van, of course. All the kids in the neighborhood have come to her rescue to keep her from getting too lonely. Plus she walks her new dog 4 times a day!

Anyway, she takes them and 2 of the neighborhood girls ask her about the camera bag she is carrying and where she got it. They're girly girls! I made one for me and one for her and sold a couple of them on ebay. They want one! So needless to say she called me and told me to make them each one. So add that to my list of things to do, as IF I don't have enough already. Le sac d'appareil-photo:

So while I'm making the covers for the camper cushions, I also cut out a cover for the chairs on the porch because the pads are so filthy I can't stand them and I'm waiting for the "end of season" sales to buy new ones. These were an "easy cut and sew" so I did it quickly so we can sit out there and swelter in the 90° plus temperatures. This could also have been accomplished without any sewing at all by simply cutting out a rectangular piece of that fabric and pinning it onto those cushions at the back. Of course, I didn't think of that until after I had finished them. Sigh..............

I've had this fabric for years and it's 108" wide so I could spare the fabric. Isn't it pretty? It was really cheap also.

Oh, while we're on the front porch take a look at the signs I put out there recently. I figure I painted them and I can hang them on my front porch if I wanted to and if someone doesn't like it they can take a flying leap into Neverland. I'm as proud of them as any artist would be with their first paintings.

Now, the print fabric is the fabric I'm using for the new pillows—subject to change at any given minute, I tell ya— and the red is a heavy duty twill I was going to make the front porch covers out of but I changed my mind. I told ya!!

Next on deck are the camper cushions. And therein lies another story.

I was so careful to cut it because I only had so much fabric. Well, I cut them but the cushion for the back I cut too large but didn't realize it until I had the boxing sewn on and was fitting them; therefore, I had to rip it apart, cut off about 2 3/8" and resew it on again.

In the midst of all this I decided to hang another shelf that was stored behind the bathroom door IN the guest bath. So Love Bunny does that for me and I have more storage space immediately to put things up there.

Then Love Bunny tells me we're going on our ward camp out in a couple of weeks. (Now, we all know how I feel about camping, right?!) I cry and whine because it's right after we go over to Seattle to visit our granddaughter which is right after I have to get 2 new crowns on my top 2 molars. And that's right around the time I have to get my arm operated on because my left wrist is numb in a certain area but hurts like heck to even wear a watch. Has the man no mercy?!

And they have the nerve to ask me where I find things to blog about?!?! I think I'm gonna cry...............

Happy Pink Saturday anyway. :-) <-------- Me, trying to keep a smile on my face.