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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Miss "A" and Some Random Thoughts

Hubs and I spent the weekend over on the coast visiting our granddaughter and new great-granddaughter. Of course, she's a doll, but you knew that, right? ;-) Okay, so it can be boring looking at other people's kids and/or grand/great grandkids so I thought I punctuate this with a few random thoughts to have you not be so bored.

Hugs keeps wondering what this new creature is that has invaded his domain. He sniffs her diaper (clean) but doesn't want to go near her face. He's very inquisitive about who this is. ;-)

Aren't their little lips so kissable and sweet with that baby's breath? She's so fresh from heaven she still has that "heavenly skin" on her little hands.

Baby's lips are meant to be kissed!

Look at those sweet hands. They are extremely long and slender like her mummy's but I couldn't capture them as they truly were.

Her little legs and feet are encased in froufrou Jazzy Toes socks.

Just fed and being held by her mummy.

Now she has on the little shoes I made for her.

Tiny bums are also the cutest thing on a baby. She still likes to lay like a frog.

She is very petite like her mummy.

Here she is sitting on her grandmother's lap. That would be MY daughter. You can still see that little peach fuzz newborns have.

But, Ma, ouch, you're crushing my tatas! Her grandmom took this after we left and they went shopping in the car.

And today is my and Love Bunny's 49th anniversary! I see a dinner out at a restaurant in my very near future. :-)

Random Thoughts:

If you litter in Oregon the fine is $6,250.00! I'd say that's a tad much and also wonder how they came up with that figure. They must prize their state highly. In Idaho it's only $350.00—a considerable difference. Nuuuuu, I do NOT litter. My hubby was a Boy Scout Leader for 40 years and taught me well.

Hope is always found to be the flower that blooms from every seed of hopelessness.

Back in the middle 1960s it was Mary Quant who came out with the mini-skirt and forever after brought America out of the Dark Ages of psychopathic modesty. Sad, but true.

Speed limits just seem to be a suggestion for most people as we witnessed in 3 states this past weekend.

Have you ever seen a face so unfortunate that it argued convincingly of the existence of a benign deity?

A target for today is to put on some new clothes. ;-)

To me the world is like an orange of infinite layers which we peel and savor with increasing delight. I love and savor each new day. Think about it. Unhappy? Change your attitude and outlook on this marvelous thing we call Life.