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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Winner of the Giveaway for the Stocking

Just picked a winner for the stocking and it is


Congratulations, Jenn! I'll get it in the mail on saturday.

Gifts for The Pink Chick!

My eBay group spoils me rotten as I've said before. Here is more proof. Truly, I am ever astounded by their generosity to me.

A Christmas Swap brought this little beauty to my door. When Love Bunny and I arrived home one evening after an exhausting day running around there were 5 packages on our front porch. I had no idea what any of them were. I was sooooo surprised to have that many packages in one day!

The lid.

One of the gifts was wrapped in this delightful little paper. I'm going to figure out a way to incorporate into the pink tree. The unveiling of the pink tree will probably precede this post so I'm showing you an up close view of it. Isn't it darling?!?!?!

And this sweet little vintage looking card. How cute!

A cross stitch made with love from my PRH sister in Texas plus this sign. Squeeeeeal. She and I share a mum, but I'm adopted. I think she loves me more though! ;-)

And this absolutely adorable "so-like-me" sign...

...and I added the roses because

I painted a little chick with a rose and this is similar to that painting: roses and chicks.

Do not be fooled; this is not an edible cupcake. It's a "bath bomb" that smells exactly like a chocolate cherry cupcake. I'll not be using it in the tub. I plan on elevating its status to "mantel"! The Godiva chocolates? They no longer exist. I did, however, share them with Love Bunny. ;-)

The sister that made this is one of the cleverest designers I know. She makes a lot of Victorian things out of vintage wedding gowns. She does exquisite things. The next 3 photos are things she made me.

Pinch me because I'm in a dream! A pink watch I received from a sweet sister who lost her daughter earlier this year, just before we lost our son-in-law. There have been many tragedies in our little group this past year but none of them have broken our spirits or gotten us down for long. We're a very strong, loving, giving, charitable group.