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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas And A Few Stories

I'm sitting here tonight writing this while sending hubby off for a quart of milk and a bag of Werther's Caramels. I like the soft ones but they weren't available so he picked up a bag of hard creamy caramel filled ones. I just may die from Caramel Overload. Werther's are the best caramels in the world. Oooooh and the fact that I told him to read the label and only bring home the soft ones just flew out the door. These are delicious.

More on Miss Caroline. I told my granddaughter to frequently send me things she does because they live 8 hours away and we can't see her but a couple of times a year. Here's what she sent this past week.

Every night she tries a new ploy to get out of bed. Caroline calls Dad into her room after bedtime.
C: I have an idea. I think there's treasure under my crib. Want to get me out and look for it? (Didn't work.)

Dad is kissing her all over. She's protesting that she's a big girl and he needs to stop. She grabs his face with both hands and looks him in the eye.
C: I'm a big girl. Do. You. Understand?!

Naked toddler running around kitchen demanding skittles.
Mom: We can have skittles but the priority is getting your pajamas on.
C: Priority?! Priority?! I'm scared of priorities!

Mom and Dad having conversation. C holds up hand to us and in the best Valley Girl voice ever says:
Shush! You guys are being soooooo loud!

C is telling Dad about somebody (a friend) being bad and needing to be "written up." Dad writes them up in iPad rather than actual notebook. [This actually gets her to behave if told she's going to be "written up." None of us can figure out why but it works, so whatever works.]
C: That's not a notebook. That's an iPad, you silly man.

Another red and pink bedroom for you. Notice the hanging bed by the window.

Can you tell I love eye candy? I'll always post it...FOREVER!

I love that sweet lamp.

A profusion of tulips!

Your own castle and island. Wowzer.

Cute place mats.

A vintage lunch hamper with French details.

A sweet cottage in the U.K.

I didn't make these but I did make one for each of my great-granddaughters...even prettier than these. ;-)

Another view of European cuteness.

Pretty soaps.

I want it!

And this sun room also.

Love the floating flowers.

No cars down these streets. :-)

Four real school names:
Butts Road Primary School
Goodenough College
Universidad de Moron
Pansy Kidd Middle School

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