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Sunday, March 7, 2010

It's About Time

If you know me well, you know I'm a stickler for being on time. Actually, for me and hubby "on time is 5 minutes early." Time is important to us all and people are frequently heard saying "I just don't have 'enough' or 'the time' to do this or that." Well, we all have the same amount of time—24 hours in each day; it's what we do with it that counts. So actually it's more about time management than it is about time. I have at least one clock in every single room in my home so I know what time it is when I need to leave for an appointment.

This little jewel sits on my coffee table in the living room facing me when I'm in the big soft leather chair. I can graciously glance at it, and not my watch, so as to not offend a visitor who may be thinking they are usurping my time. It just keeps me on time if that becomes an issue. I am gracious most of the time. Not always, just ask my friend Sherilynn! ;-) When I get obnoxious, she puts me back on center.

This one is on Love Bunny's side of the bed. The numerals are bright when I awake in the middle of the night and want to know the time.

This is my microwave oven clock, and the stove clock is just below it. I won't bore you with two digital clocks that look basically the same.

This is our gorgeous grandfather clock in a corner of our living room. It has the most beautiful chimes that ring on the quarter hour, half hour and hour. We're so used to them we rarely "hear" them anymore.

This is another kitchen clock right next to my sink so I can check it while preparing food or washing dishes.

This is another one in my living room. It's on the wall behind the leather chair so Love Bunny can see it from his chair opposite mine.

This is in my craft room. It's just an inexpensive clock but I can hear it tock when I'm in there. This is a very, very quiet house since we don't have television and don't listen to the radio very much at all. I relish the quiet and serenity of my home. Almost heavenly!

My iMac clock. The little frog sitting here are my "eyes." When traveling it sits on the car dashboard and when hubby exceeds the speed limit, I take my "eyes" off the dashboard and tell him "I have my eeeeeeeyes on U!" He laughs but the frog sometimes bites him. It's serious business being a "seeing eye frog", I tell ya. But as you can see the clock on my Mac shows in the upper right hand corner and tells me what the time is every hour on the hour.

This vintage clock sits on LB's desk and, as you can see, he doesn't change it with the time change. Sigh......

This is a clock given to us by our son commemorating our 40th anniversary almost 9 years ago. It has a plaque engraved with the date, our son's family's names and our marriage date.

I have two of these clocks. This one is also in my office, which I'm in most of the time. There is also another one in the living room making it four clocks in that room. I can see the time from every single place I might sit in that room.