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Friday, November 21, 2008

Greenhurst Nursery #10 and A Bit of Advice

It is soooooo good to be able to post normally again. Well, that's not quite true; I won't get my desktop back for another day or two. But can you imagine not having your computer for a week??? Chickees, let me tell ya, my life is on that desktop. My photos (until I burn them to a DVD after about 700-800 photos), my Quicken, billpay, food storage, notes, everything! I was having withdrawal. It could have been disastrous but I have an external HD and it backs up on my Mac G5 every single hour. I was able to use that external HD to transfer over the complete contents of my desktop G5 to my MacBookPro in about an hour. Luckily I used Love Bunny's G4 to check email. Then I started having trouble with my laptop soooooo I went into Boise for more memory. Before that it was my wireless router going out. Sooooo I bought another one. Get my drift here. Stress City!! Whooooooa! Plus the "just daily stresses" of life. Oooooh, and my PhotoShop decided to go wacky and I couldn't find the disk to re-install so had to buy a new one! When it rains, it pours in this household.
:-) <------------- Me trying to keep a happy face on things!

Now, I must advise here: get off site backup for your computer. I'm going to subscribe to Carbonite when the Mac version becomes available after the first of the year. I do NOT want to "beta" test so I'm waiting. This is good because if your home is destroyed and your computer is toasted you will have all your data - photos, Quicken, records, food storage file, "LIFE" on a backup outside of your home. You have got to trust me on this. It is worth the few dollars a month to have this so you don't face a disaster. I've been saved by my external HD 3x now from my own silly mistakes. Yesssssssssss, I do make mistakes - rare, but it does happen!! Just ask hubs!! Nuuuuu, on second thought, don't ask hubs.... ;-)

So let's continue with pictures of the nursery. I'm too tired to make a lengthy comment on each photo so I'll make it quick since it's getting late here and I'm pooped after today. Just remember that we have not yet come to the french country part, the kitchen part, the lotions and creams part, the lovely shoe part or various "other" parts of this nursery. I'm trying as fast as I can, chicks!! You really miss a lot of the "stuff/fluff" if you do not enlarge the photos.

Little storage cabinets abound in this place. Isn't this darling?!?!? Squeeeeeeeeeal!!!

Bit of "bling" with these frames.

Have you ever seen such darling aprons?! And I believe there are more in the coming photos......

Okay, that's it for today. Until next time.