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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Quest for THE Pink Curtains

I have been looking for the "perfect" set of pink curtains for a room in my house. You know what I mean—nothing will do until you see them. So in trying to find them I have come up with all sorts of beautiful photos on the internet. I can't even believe some of the rooms I have seen, but I thought I'd share some of them with you.

While there is not pink in this room and I can't imagine how it came up—maybe because of the search for curtains—but I immediately loved this room.

I love how pink is taking the decorating world by storm. It's always been my favorite color and now it's considered acceptable. I've always considered it a color I'd like on my walls but only recently was I brave enough to paint my walls pink. They're not as pink as this gorgeous office though.

I can't even begin to believe how gorgeous this patio is. I wonder if it's a designer showcase house, photo shoot or a real homeowner actually did this. Stunning!

This is another photo that I'm not sure how it came up with the parameters I gave Google but I thought it was worth showing since it's a beautiful room.

I haven't always loved leather chairs, but I got one about 7 years ago and just fell in love it and won't be without one in my house ever again. They are cool in summer and warm in winter. My son disagrees but it is definitely the truth. I bought it for my hubby but guess who uses it the most? Yep, me. This photo is not of my chair; the next one is. But mine is so spacious I just love curling up in it and reading. I shall always have a leather chair but since they rarely ever wear out, I'll not have to buy another one in my lifetime...unless hubs wants one. ;-)

This one is mine...errrr, ours, I mean. ;-) And it's getting that patina that only leather can get. I can put leather oil on it and it looks new but I love seeing that well-worn look on it.

Another stunning use of unusual colors. Still beautiful though.

My hubby is a model train enthusiast (That's putting it quite mildly; he's obsessed!), so when I saw these little hanging railroad lanterns, they tweaked my interest. This room looks like it's an outdoor room but it couldn't be because of the upholstered chairs, so maybe it's from the grapes planted in a pot behind the chair. Definitely grapevines though.

Those pink curtains would be quite acceptable to me.

Love these bright pinks in this room also.

Yes, I also like these curtains.

But these are the ones I'm really wanting. Sigh. I just cannot justify the expense right now. I'm curbing my lusts! Yes, I truly am.

These were another favorite, but not quite what I'm looking for. Perhaps a bit too frilly.

Just thought this was a room many of you would like to see.

I also love this shade of pink for the walls. Another stunning room.

This room came up in the search also. I wonder if twins live in this room; otherwise, why 2 gorgeous cribs. I'm betting this is a designer showcase house.

A very cosmopolitan room even with the pink sofa.

Just a bit of pink with gray brings this room to my attention. Gray is my all time favorite neutral color. I love it. I'm not fond of beige because it looks dirty; gray doesn't. It looks elegant.

And yet another room that popped up within the parameters of my Google search, but I do like this room a lot.

This is a little girl's room but it could definitely function as a big girls' room!

My heart actually fluttered when I saw this room. Oooooh, my, how gorgeous.

These curtains were another choice but I wanted them pinker than this. I love the style however.

A room I could definitely live in. Colorful and beautiful.

Not my style but a very pretty room I thought you'd like to see.

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Photos courtesy of tumblr and pinterest.