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Monday, August 18, 2008

Miss Molly Moo!

I took a "hint" from a comment - sorry cannot remember whose it was - and jazzed up Molly Moo a little bit!

Now, Molly likes ribbons - PINK ribbons - hanging on her bell. She also LOOOOOVES flowers, in particular roses because of the meadow.......uhhhhh, smell so we gave her a little remembrance for her "necklace" in the form of a garland of roses. She also adores being remembered by her name so we wrote it on her jewelry for all the world to see. Now, we know that Molly isn't really a "chick" but we're giving her "Honorary Membership" into the "Hot Chick Club" headquartered (in Molly's case we might call it "hindquartered" ;-) ) right here in IDAHO.......round of applause please. Thank you...... You may be seated, please.

Her "motto" is on the back side of the bell. Moooooo! Molly isn't hard to please at all - just an everyday morning "teat squeeze" and she's purring.......uhhhhhh, I mean MOOOOO-re than satisfied for that day. Loooove chick cows that are easy to please, don't you?! This positively makes her quiiiiiver in her little hooves. (Author's statement as Molly is just too embarrassed to admit to this. She's a bit bashful, ya know. But I've seen that "contented" look in her cow eyes.)