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Saturday, July 12, 2008

"Pink Saturday"!

Do you have any idea how hard it is to participate in Pink Saturday when you're 800+ miles away from home?!?!?! Ain't easy, I tell ya!! Soooooo what I thought I'd do is show you pink items from my son's and daughter-in-law's house. Now, aren't you just thrilled. :-)

Her tastes and mine are a bit different but she does love pink. She tends to favor a more formal elegance and yes, the photo of the pink side chair has a peek at the white sofas in her living room. She's had those for several years and they are surprisingly white and clean considering 3+ BOYS/MEN are in this house at any given time! But they've gone through "trashed" sofas in the family room. Maaaaan, that woman is a saint!

One thing before we start the pink saturday though. This is a picture of Etienne's mother, Leslie, and Leslie's mom, Myrna, who is my daughter-in-law's sister. (Take notes; I shall be testing you later!) :-)

A fancy lamp my DIL has on a wrap-a-round mantle over one of their fireplaces.

She must like easter because she has an easter egg tree also!

A little globe with pink roses on it and a spiral tree to the left of that with pink roses.

This little chair should be holding a pot of greenery or roses but it's been brutally hot in S. Calif and roses are dying too fast to cut them I guess. My DIL's mom takes care of the roses and that is HER domain. No one touches them. Alice, DIL, once cut them and her mom was heartbroken because she "pruned" them so much. I tell ya Alice was in fear of her mom coming home from Asia that time!! ;-)

A simple pink glass that is MINE when I visit. They all know anything pink I'll grab and use!

One of her pink side chairs. I'm not kidding when I tell you that she can tell if the boys move those chairs ONE INCH!! The boys pretty much stay out of the LR and off the furniture.

A huge white vase with pink roses on it.

A little bench in the foyer.

A bouquet of roses on a pedestal in the foyer next to the bench.

Roses curtains and on a swag in her breakfast room and kitchen.

A tiny of faux roses on another mantle in their breakfast room.

A pink embroidered clock above a mantle.