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Friday, May 25, 2012

It Ain't Easy Hemming Pants!

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Recently I bought a pair of Tencel pants from an upscale online store. I love the feel of them, rather silky like. But as always I needed to hem them. I'm 5' 4 1/2" tall, which is considered average, but pants are always too long for me. I have a 26 1/2" length from the crotch seam to where I like the pant to fall. So I had to hem them and therein lies this story.

I rarely make or fix anything in sewing that I get right the first time. These pants were no exception. It took me 3 days to hem them—actually a couple of hours of actual doing it and the rest of the time to recuperate/think about doing it.

The actual measuring and remeasuring took at least one day. I didn't want to be hasty and regret it by cutting them too short. This has happened before and I had to add lace to the bottom, which was actually serendipitous because they turned out beautifully and people take notice of them and ask me where I got them. They say they like them. Good thing because they're way too short without the lace.

Then I cut—with extreme caution. That took a full day because I wanted to be sure. (Let me say here that I'd go read a book, come in here and blog or eat myself silly in between these times!) Then another day...well, let me cut to the chase there. I hemmed them and they were way too long, so I had to take the hem out, cut again and hem them again. This took the rest of the time I mentioned above—a full day—to get up the energy to finish the hem at 26 1/2". I hate hemming pants!

I love old architectural details. Oh, I don't buy many but I do love to feast my eyes on them. They simply bring peace to my heart and soul.

See, you don't have to use red and green and gold for Christmas decorating. I've used pinks, purples and reds for the past three years as this homeowner has done.

Quiet, serene, peaceful are all applicable to this lovely patio.

Wonderful place for a honeymoon or an anniversary celebration.

Another homeowner who follows her own rules instead of letting others dictate what she probably doesn't like as well is this stunning door.

Squeeeeeal!!! Can you imagine this in your home? While it isn't feasible it sure is cute and makes a great photo shoot.

Pretty similar to the white wreath on my front door.

This is my front door.

Just some gorgeous eye candy for you. Aren't these colors and items spectacular?

I have some rose plates just like these.

Stunning red doors that look very old but still gorgeous.

This has to be just for show because there is no way you could put tea, coffee or chocolate in it and pour. Gorgeous however!

Flowered sofas I thought you'd enjoy seeing.

Fresh pink flowers to brighten this charming mantle.

What a gorgeous cabin living room.

Cute display for coat racks. I have 2 of them I don't have hanging in the house because I didn't know what to do with them, but this gives me an idea.

Unique idea for storage if you have an open staircase like this one.

I also love classical furniture. Yep, I sure do.

I really do like this chair but somehow I can't see it in my house.

Another classic setting I love.

This just looks so inviting and peaceful I had to show you.
Photos courtesy of pinterest and tumblr.