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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Love Bunny's Organizing

Enjoy the eye candy here because it gets ugly from here on out.

This is Love Bunny's side of our bedroom armoire.

This is my side of our armoire. Not as neat, but not bad really.

Did you happen to notice in the first photo that his is organized and labeled? Yessssss, labeled. Check closely the red Dyno Labels on each shelf.

Now, I wondered why he did that, and he never really answered my question. But he thought it would make it easier for me. What?! I'm still trying to figure out the drawers for socks. One drawer is for brown; one drawer is for black; one drawer is for blue. So, where do I put the gray and pink socks? *Sigh*…

Chandeliers - because every life should have a little sparkle.

Today at lunch time:

He: You have your t-shirt on wrong side out.

She: Why didn't you tell me earlier?

He: I guess I didn't notice til now.

She: Sigh... Does he look at me at all before noon?

One thing I love about people is their ability to be lifted so high by the smallest drafts of hope.

The flavor of the peel does not reliably predict the taste of the pulp.

Hubs is lucky I even get the shirts in the armoire!