My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Faux Cakes, Pillows, Message Boards & Stockings for Sale

I don't think I've ever "advertised" my things for sale on ebay, but I am now. All of the things you see here and a lot more including pillows and totes are available on my ebay. Plus I'm having a "de-stash" sale! Check it out my little chickadees!!

Petal Cake

Ballerina pillow

Roses stocking

Lovely little storage box

Another stocking

A cute message board with roses fabric

My Trellis Room Divider

I want to show you my special room divider. It's a trellis I bought many years ago from a store going out of business and I just had to have it! You know the feeling!! ;-)

Anyway, I got it for a song and it has served we well for photo shoots and now as a divider between living room and dining area. On it hangs gifts, paintings of roses special women have given me, snippets of things I just love looking at, hankies, pieces of vintage lace I've found over the years and not known what to do with because there isn't much left of it, cards, tags, special little ornaments that have been given to me or I've bought for their beauty and "eye candy", lovely little envelopes, scrap paper, a fan, hearts, pretty little note cards, paper roses, seed packets (YES! seed packets that I considered beautiful enough to hang), a decoupaged sign I made many years ago for hubby and me, even some lovely business cards from people I buy from, a little gorgeous beaded lampshade I don't have a lamp for - yet, a picture of the cheese factory in Pleasanton, Ca. where we used to go for lunch sometimes, ribbons and just about anything I consider too beautiful to throw away.

I love beautiful things as you've probably heard me say before. My eyes feast upon them on a daily basis and it makes my heart sing and to be happy. I'm a happy and positive person but I am happier when I can view lovely things. They don't have to be expensive; indeed, most of the things I have on the trellis or in my home aren't expensive but ohhhh the joy they bring me!!!! Just too much for the heart to describe.

So enjoy looking at these things and I hope they make your heart sing today. Try your own "trellis", whatever that may actually be! Celebrate the blessings of your life!!

There are many pictures of this and I hope you enlarge each one to fully view everything.