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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

On My Soapbox Today

I've been down more than I've been up lately—physically, I mean. I mentioned to hubby I've been a bit slow on the uptake when we started running out of undies. He's pretty good about reminding me though. Work has been gnawing at my heels but I've pretty much resisted. Trying to keep house is a real chore but I do manage to at least change the bed linens and vacuum and mop.

I read an article that a school, I think in NY, is paying kids $5.25 an hour to attend summer school. Now, why in the world would they do that?! We pay taxes for them to go to school and then they turn around and give them that money to attend? My thinking is they should be glad to go for free to get an education. Education is their future. What's going on with this world? The Japanese kids go to school 6 days a week for longer days than here in the U.S. and are excellent students and have become smarter than most nations. Typical school day in Japan:
8am - 4pm: Classes at school
4pm - 6pm: Clubs and sports at school
6pm - 7pm: Time for a quick dinner
7pm - 10pm: Juku classes—extra classes for entrance to University
11pm: Back at home to do homework.
After midnight: Time for 5 to 6 hours of sleep.

A lot of our kids today are lazy for the most part, but they have so much potential and are just wasting it. I love kids and want them all to succeed. It's a shame. If you don't count yourself among the them, count yourself blessed. Please, please encourage your children. They are the future of our country.

When we've gone to our children's and grand-children's graduations from high school and college, it's been the students from other countries who are the top achievers. That's a sad comment to have to post but it's been accurate. This is in California of course where there is a high percentage of ethnic groups. I wish them all well. I absolutely love seeing kids whose parents have given up much to come here and make fruitful and successful lives for themselves. My daughter-in-law was one of those people. After all, this country of ours, the U.S.A., is the greatest country on earth.

Well, I warned you I'm on my soapbox today! ;-) 

Good morning, and yes, you are!

Darling bedroom but I would put some curtains on that window for sure. Look at that teacup floor lamp.

Any chair can be covered in this fashion every day not just celebrations.

Imagine the hours of drawing this gown must have taken the artist.

A place so private you don't need doors, just sheer curtains.

Or a private dining area so secluded.

Vintage collection of dishes in blue and pink.

An exquisite lamp.

Another exquisite one of wood that casts the shadows carved into the lamp.

I love froufrou!

A beautiful brooch.

I was thinking of this kind of sofa/settee, but I don't think we'd like sitting on it as our primary sofa.

Creative homeowner has 3 shower curtains so she can decorate with any colors she wants.

Aaaaaaah, I do love this entrance to this home.

I'll never again look at old used cake pins the same way. ;-)