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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Little Decorating Tips

Just a little tip and a picture of some drawer pulls that are adorable.

I have had these little drawer pulls for about 7-8 years and decided to put them on this china cabinet. I hung some old tassels on them and they turned out quite cute I think.

If you ever run out of decorative thumb tacks do what I've done for a couple of years. Rather than pay big bucks for them in the stores I make my own. Glue little buttons or little ribbon roses to the thumb tack. Get the kind with no paint on them otherwise the paint might come off. Just the plain old ugly thumb tacks purchased in Home Depot or someplace like that.

When it cost me several hundred dollars about 3 years ago to have a picture framed I decided to "hang" little lithographs with the roses tacks and everyone is amazed at how cute they look for almost nothing in price.