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Friday, February 10, 2012

Different Fences and Patios for Pink Saturday 2/11/2012

Welcome to this Pink Saturday. Just click to go to Beverly's Blog to visit all the pink participants.

We moved to the Idaho town we're in now at the same time as our neighbor, who had just moved here from California, because he bought the house a few doors down from us and that was our original pick. As fate would have it, we're now glad he did because we like having 4 bedrooms and his is only 3 bedrooms, much smaller and he paid a higher price than we did.
While we were also from California we had lived in deserts several more years than he had and we were well acquainted with the effects the elements would have on things.

But when we put in our vinyl fence, he said he didn't want it because he wanted the wood fence. His is falling down now, discolored from the irrigation water in the canals we use and dried out from the divergent weather we get in the high desert—very cold to very hot. Some people don't like the vinyl but at our age we want low maintenance and durability and the vinyl offers both. Plus it still looks great after 6 years, a definite plus for us.

Then we asked us what kind of patio cover we were going to put on. We told him a special metal one that looked like wood and covered the porch. He said he wanted to put on a wood one with lattice slats to let the sun shine through. Okay by us!

Then when the first winter came he complained about the snow falling onto his patio. Can we say: We warned ya?! But choices are what life is all about. His back yard is absolutely smashing even if his fence looks horrible. We've lived in the deserts long enough to know the disadvantages of certain choices.

I love this home somewhere in Europe with its lovely garden,

I like these morning glories growing in abundance by the door.

This little two story home looks like it belongs south of the border.

Lovely pink wallpaper with a pink vignette.

Red lacquer Chinese chairs surrounding a round white table and a red lacquer lantern over the table.

A simple display of lace with roses to add softness to a window.

Texans aren't afraid to draw roses on their cars. My kinda people, I tell ya.

Looks like windows in hotels in Mexico where we spent many years vacationing.

Sweet fabric rags curled around big spools for saving them neatly and displayed so they can be eye candy for a work shop.

Just start every day with a smile and get it over with.

I know I'm a sap for Miss Caroline, but this video had me laughing so hard because she is trying her best to tell her mummy something but just can't seem to get through to her. You'll see her exuberance, which she definitely gets from me! Please don't think: Oh, just another great grandma posting about her progeny. I am! But it just makes me laugh so to view this. You don't have to click for it to start if you do not want to view it. Just stop reading and go blog surfing some more. (By the way, when we were there recently, our son few up with 2 of his boys to visit and play golf. He said my granddaughter and I sound exactly alike. This was also noted by a friend in Texas who viewed this video. So if you listen to this you'll be able to hear what I sound like even though I'm 40 years older than my granddaughter. Really weird to hear someone tell me that.)