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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Picture Arranging

Everyone has their own ideas on arranging pictures. I'm sure there is a proper way according to decorators but the new school of picture arranging says that just about anything goes if you like it. I subscribe to both. I like different arrangements and am somewhat symmetrical for the most part. Pleasing to the eye (MINE) is my main criteria. The other definite absolute I subscribe to is not hanging them too high. I've said this before: most homes I go into have them above my head. The main or one and only picture on the wall. No, no, no!!! They would look better lower than normal than higher than normal. Eye level doesn't mean a 6' 5" person's eyes. It's somewhere around 5'—at the center of the picture—for it to look right. Now, if you have several pictures on the wall that doesn't apply. Go up or down depending. Just do have them up so high that someone has to look UP to see them. Exceptions apply to little children. ;-)

That being said I put some old pictures on the walls and added some I "made." I saw 2 really pretty prints on the internet and printed them out on card stock to put into frames behind the family room sofa. If I knew where to buy the prints I would have but no such luck. Just some lovely prints I wanted to gaze my eyes upon once in a while. I didn't want to go to the expense of having them framed so I took some old frames I had, painted them white and stuck them to the wall with velcro picture mounts. That way I can change them around if necessary. The picture I simply put in the center with fun-tac. Worked well for me and no expense.

You wouldn't believe what is under, behind, on the right and on the left side of that sofa!! Just until I get everything the way I want it, chicks. *Smile*