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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Where Did the Time/Thyme Go?!?!?!

Daughter and her hubby flew in from California to visit for 4 days. Always glad to have my kids visit with us. She said she had a new recipe she wanted to try for us - a chicken, feta cheese, sun dried tomatoes, pasta one. I said fine, let's do it! So on the way from the airport we had to stop at Wal Mart for ingredients. As we were looking for the chicken, I remembered I have my year's supply of food like any good Mormon and told her we didn't need chicken. So we got the sun dried tomatoes, I'm sure I was just fresh out (!), and the feta cheese (not something I stock on a regular basis (!), the pasta I definitely had. So the four of us are walking around the store thinking of what else we might want and I was in a hurry to just get home and eat lunch. Spices??? Yes, I had spices I told her.

That was saturday. On sunday night when she started to prepare this delectable dish I was in here on my lovable Max (my computer) and I hear all this commotion in the kitchen. Her dad (my hubby) and she were tearing through my cupboards and screaming: where's the thyme? I never get in the middle of daughter in the kitchen. NOT a good idea. Did I mention she's very high strung in the best of circumstances?!?! Hmmmm, important fact here. Well, she's throwing a fit because they can't find the spice. I said, very sweetly, of course, if it isn't in with the other spices then I don't have it. Three sets of eyes flashed at me! So what's the big deal I ask. They said when we were at the grocery store she asked me if I had thyme and I must have said something along the lines of "yes", but I swear to you I don't remember talking about a SPICE. If she asked me I must have been thinking of TIME not THYME. Besides, I probably would have said something flippant like "I have every spice you could ever want." I'm that way. :-) So hubby and daughter looked at me like I'd said a vulgar word and daughter exploded saying the recipe was ruined. I opened up the cabinet and took out the Italian Seasoning bottle and said here, try this. Had thyme in it.

I then went merrily back to Max, my computer remember, and put a smile of my face and surfed till dinner was ready. All through dinner and the next 2 days all I heard was "it would have been better if it had THYME in it. Aaarrgh. Next TIME she wants to visit I may just not have TIME/THYME either!!! We'll go to her house where THYME is in a bottle! LOL

It's finally spring time in this desert of ours in the west! I think I'd better give that old red bench another coat of red paint but it'll have to be hubby's job since he's much better at painting that old bench than me. Another "honey-d0"; won't he be excited?!?! Hah.

I also have little color spots around that have finally taken hold and my rhododendron that I love and will nourish like a baby. They grew well in California but struggle in this desert heat but I'm hopeful. The hydrangeas are another plant that grew prolifically in Calif. but we've struggled to get them to produce here. Maybe this year!