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Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Word About My Photos

I get questions all the time about the photos on here—where do I find them, etc. I scour the internet and I do mean scour. There are billions of photos and images out there. You just need to know where to find them. I'm not divulging my sources. If you want to find them just start looking. I can't wait to post sometimes because of the beautiful photos I'm finding. Being more computer savvy than the average person though I am able to find them more easily. But sometimes I'd like to post every single day to share all of them with you. I just can't post every day.

I'm having a problem with my hands doing so much on the computer. Let this be a lesson to those of you that are texting. Your thumbs will be so bad in the coming years you'll either have to give up texting or have surgery. Trust me on this. My contemporaries are now experiencing this phenomenon. It all takes a toll on our bodies. You're talking to th' queen here now!

Youngsters have been warned by there mums and dads for years about the danger of loud music. Those teens today will be deaf or need hearing aids in their forties or fifties. It happened to my hubby but his was being in the Marines and all the training he did for the recruits on the rifle range. He regrets it now. The military does give him free hearing aids though so that's a plus, but nothing takes the place of your own hearing. You have been warned!

There is just something I like about this room. I can't explain it but it is a room I'd like even though there isn't any color in it. Just has a timeless feel about it.

Isn't this a clever idea? Use an old wheel with spokes for holding things.

Does it feel like autumn yet?

Lovin' this little rustic can of posies. ;-)

Yes, I'd like this fuchsia chair!

Clever place setting.

Don't you just love beautiful old roses pitchers? Sigh.

This is a cute kitchen dining area with red and yellow.

I have one of these but don't use it. Just sitting away somewhere waiting to be given to the thrift store.

Looking at all that bougainvillea reminds me of Mexico. This looks to be Italy though.

A gorgeous box!

Clever idea for gift giving for the holidays.

Don't you just love the look of these old buildings with the tall thin windows?

And a touch of vivid pink raspberries for you. :-)

And a vivid pink bench with lots of beautiful pots and flowers for ya.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Introducing Juliette Elizabeth

We had an emergency call for help from our granddaughter to come over to Washington because she's was due to have the baby and we were the closest to her.

That was Tuesday night, so we washed clothes that night, packed and got in the car the next day at 7 AM and drove over. She actually went into the hospital 3 times that day but false alarms. Juliette wasn't quite ready. She went in on Thanksgiving day so we just cancelled the dinner until Friday. Still no baby, but contractions all day and Saturday. We had to leave Sunday as hubby had to teach Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Granddaughter went in at 2 AM on Sunday; Juliet was born at 5:30 AM and we drove over to kiss her little lips and cheeks before we headed back to Idaho. She's a doll and Caroline is now an Official Big Sister. We're so happy and thrilled to have them both.

My granddaughter pregnant with her 2nd child. She and I sound just alike according to my son. We're the same exact heigth, she's a size 2 and I'm not anymore. ;-) I looked just like that when I was pregnant with her mother, in the tummy, I mean.

Of course, her Pop-pop and I think she's gorgeous even if she is F-A-T!

Here's her two and a half year old looking cute while eating. She's a big sister as of Sunday morning at 5:30 AM.

But this is what she usually looks like eating spaghetti. ;-)

And here's Juliette, little sister as of about Sunday 9 AM.

Dark curly hair to her big sister's light curly hair. I love these two beyond reason. Kids are great, grandkids are even greater but great grandgirls are absolutely the epitome of our greatest blessings. We're thrilled to be alive to see the great grands. And our granddaughter is giving us more. She promised! She and her hubby are just over th' moon with th' girls here!

Another gorgeous bottle.

Just some lovely pink fabric with embellishments.

Another bedroom I love.

A necklace for a gorgeous dress.

Bottle with a cake pop inside for special little girls!

A beautiful cupcake in red.

Eye candy in the way of little packets for a party.

A neat way to store tiny boxes and ribbons.

A jewel button on what appears to be a shoe.
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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rambling 11/25/2012

Once in a while I'll see photos on the internet when a "celebrity" has something to say they always flash the peace sign or say Peace. That's becoming a bit old in my opinion. I lived in the San Francisco area during the 70s and I have to say I don't think I'd like to repeat that era. Get a grip, people, just say nice things like: thank you, good-bye, nice to see you or something more appropriate. You all look like fools to those of us in the real world who lived through it. Also, saying "super" or "cooool/kewel" is ridiculous, especially coming from the older generation. Use proper grammar, people!

I read a news article a few weeks ago that said the military has become "less sexist, homophobic and racist". Having had many friends in the military, I do have to say hubs' told me he didn't particularly want to shower with women. He's such a sexist. ;-) I agreed with that one! We also had friends in the military who were different races and they never, ever were treated any differently by us than anyone else. Where do some of these people get these ideas? They are not the norm. When you're in the military, you watch out for each other. I'm sick of hearing that. There was a man who drove my hubby to work every single day when we first moved to Oceanside, Ca., and he didn't take a penny from us. We were poor and I was pregnant. My hubby loved that man and still mentions him in reverence because he was so kind. I've never, ever seen my husband denigrate another race of people. Never!

Is there anyone out there that is as sick of the sign "Live, Love and Laugh" as I am? Give it a break people. I don't need a sign to tell me that. I do it automatically.

Our great granddaughter is now almost 3 years old. She's a pistol, let me tell you! A few weeks ago she stopped her daycare class with her dancing. She told everyone to watch her dance—gangnam-style. The class next door even came over to watch her when they heard the laughter. She created quite a stir. I think she's going to be a ham. Everyone actually DID stop to watch her. My granddaughter and I laughed ourselves silly over that one. I think she's liking being the center of attention. When the new baby arrives, it's gonna be a shock to her! :-)

Where has niceness and decency gone? I believe this last election campaign was the smuttiest I've ever seen in my entire life. Ooooh, I can hardly wait for the next one.

Just a beautiful living room.

Aaaahhhhh, what a beautiful entry.

Pretty way to display roses.

Cozy reading nook.

Quaint patio area.

Darling little birdcage or terrarium.

Another bedroom with unusual, but gorgeous, colors.

Cute gift tags to make.

Another lovely living room. Love that the homeowner has blankets or throws strewn around. I do that in my family room and living room also for the comfort of my guests as I like a cool house and sometimes they get cold sitting here.

Beautiful vignette.

More delightful colors!

This has to be in another country. Small, efficient and cute!

I like how the canopy over the bed isn't the traditional kind.

Oh, for a chandelier in my kitchen. Just isn't feasible though according to Love Bunny. We'll see. ;-)

Love this patio. Stunning.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Another Rant

I see a lot of women with copyrights on their photos. I'm not at all territorial about my photos. If you want to use any of them, even my personal ones, you have my permission. It's a form of flattery. I wouldn't put them out in the public domain if I didn't want them looked at and used. As I said, I'm not territorial. But...

I see some out there from other sites—and I'm talking graphics sites here—and women/bloggers are putting their "copyright" on them. They cannot be your copyright if you get them from a graphics site to use and put your name on them! How ridiculous can you be? And then you complain about someone taking your photos to show how beautiful your products are??? Puhleeeeze! How ridiculous can it get? Be flattered that someone considers them beautiful enough to use them. Rant over. ;-)

Another cottage in Carmel. I think this is a bakery.

Lovely textured and colored window probably in France or Italy.

Urn holding a gorgeous plant.

A sweet cozy outdoor room.

When I saw this little lace dress with pink ribbons on it, I immediately thought of a blessing dress for a little girl.

I would love to have this to display in my home. It just touches my heart in a number of ways.

A lady finger dessert with roses thrown in. Yuuummm.

Just a little bling thrown in for ya, chicks. :-)

A mailbox? Cute, whatever it is.

Every time I see baskets like this I want some, but I know I'll never get them.

Another upscale sun room not many of us can afford. I can appreciate it though; it's gorgeous.

I do love these chippy old boxes for putting on patios and porches though.

I think a pink plastic bucket like this would be just fine for a bouquet of roses.

While I wouldn't want to live here, I'd sure love to visit and have lunch on that dock. That would be fun.

Now, have a cupcake and enjoy your own life!