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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Thoughts on Vignettes

What is it about certain vignettes that we like so much? Is it a memory that we recall from an earlier time? Is it something that stirs in our hearts wanting to have something that we desire, which may be in that vignette? Is it a secret place in our hearts that you go to when viewing them? What? You tell me if you can. Don't just read this blog today, comment on your thoughts. I'd truly like to know what you think.

Beautiful collage framing a family photo.

A look into a small, sweet living room.

I could definitely love sleeping in this bedroom. Darling.

A lovely vintage chair either painted or decoupaged.

Lovely roses framing a window.


Seeing white linens drying on a line in the breeze always evokes memories of my kids' diapers drying in the California sun. Women today using disposable diapers may have it easier but you'll never have the satisfaction of seeing diapers whitening in the sun.

As I've said before, old water fountains draw me like not much else can.

A simple life must be lived here. There are homes like this in Southern California but I'm betting this is in another country.

A peek into this homeowner's living room. Love her slipcovers.

Gorgeous, gorgeous!

Another peek into a room with an interesting entry way.

Simply eye candy for you. I like how these look. I think tin cans covered with fabric would do the trick also.

Isn’t this a darling quaint kitchen?

Colorful eye candy

Lovely dining room. Love the tablecloth bunched at the edges.

What a cute shower curtain.

New made to look old or old made to look new? Hmmm?

Leaving you with this wonderful splash of the color purple.
Photos courtesy of pinterest and tumblr.