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Friday, July 18, 2008


I promised someone I'd post pix of the little bird cage after I decorated it and my master bath. So here it is hanging over my garden tub, which is only used to shave my legs, chickees. Oh, and speaking of chicks, I love chicks and call just about everyone chick, sweetpea, lovey or some derivation of a "sweet" term! And my ebay group women are my "chicks"!! I ain't politically correct in any form!

Friday Fluff for You Chicks!

I took this picture late in the day but they're thanks to me, of course. Hubs is the one who grows things around here. Yes, those are 3 different hydrangeas. You have no idea how hard it is to grow some things in the deserts. Never take for granted your lush gardens. We fight for every blade of grass we get here!

This hosta is doing quite well also. I absolutely love hostas because they usually grow in shade and remind me of lazy summer days but here in the desert you have to "nurse" them along. I'm thrilled this one has lasted and continues to come back year after year.

Just thought I'd show you what can be done with "plain ol' jars" when you fill them with ribbons and "stuff'!

A tray I found at the antique shop in Calif. It's not an antique but it wasn't expensive and I liked it. What I'll do with it is still a mystery though! :-)

Picked this up at the thrift store for a dollar or two and will put on a wall somewhere. Too cute to pass up. Isn't that phrase becoming my mantra?!?!?! Hmmmm.......

I collect pitchers and this one found its way into my cart. Imagine that!!!

Got these for a song also. But they'll both get a coat of white paint when the wind is still. A bit breezy today but who knows what tomorrow will bring. I love the breeze but cannot paint in it.

I cannot tell you my excitement when I saw this wonderful vintage suitcase! I almost shouted for joy getting to the register. The inside is in great condition - burgundy. But this little sweetie is getting a roses makeover. I don't know if I'll sell it or keep it for storage, but wait till you see it next time. ;-)

When we returned to daughter's house we were sitting around talking monday night and Love Bunny fell asleep in the chair and kinda snored and we just looked at him. I looked at my daughter and said, "You come from the same gene pool, ya know?!" She sobered up quite quickly! She loves her dad though. It was one of "those moments" and quite funny.....