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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another Day In The Life Of....3/24/2010

First of all, some eye candy for ya because it ain't purdy after this, chicks! Still experimenting with paper roses.


Have you ever had one of those days when nothing goes as you've planned? Ooooops, sorry, I know that's a silly question, but this was one of those days and when it happens it just feels like you're the "first and only" woman in the universe to have experienced it. I know, I know, it happens all the time to moms. I said I was sorry! Oh well. So a scheduled trip to the chiropractor for a monthly adjustment turned into a day spent out and about and not home doing the things I wanted: changing sheets and crafting.

Since we were right next to a new optometrist and optical shop new to the 'hood, Love Bunny and I decided to stop in and get new glasses. A new exam was in order since it had been a 12 to 18 months since our last exam and glasses. This total today cost us $475.00 total for both of us. Do you see little dollars flying out of my debit card at this point?

Luckily I had my new camera along to photograph this happy event for posterity. ;-) The first photo shows the "retro" tray I was interested in.

This is the pair I selected. Look at my photo on the "About Me" page and you'll see me sporting almost the same glasses about 40 years ago. I loved those glasses and things cycle around every 30 or 40 years, so what the heck. I'll model them soon.

This is the pair Love Bunny decided on with a little nudging and much flattery from me. He looks darling in them. Not so old-manish.

Now, we all know how thrilled LB gets when I drag th' cam along to record for posterity my daily activities. Bleeeech is pretty much his attitude. See the darling man smiling for me below. Uh huh. Yeah, ya got it, chicks. It took a lot of coercing just to get that good a picture of him. Actually, I think he was trying his best to ignore me after chucking him under the chin. I promised I'd crop his "waddles" out of the pictuuuuure....DUH! Isn't he caaaauuuute, chicks???? :-) And he's all mine, at least he was before I started the picture taking. We'll see later if he forgives me, but he knows how I am with my camera. Sigh.....

This is Love Bunny "smiling." Can ya see th' smile? Trust me, it's the best he could muster up for me. I think murder actually came to his mind during this excursion.

Aha, there it is: the smirk. He's warming up. These are the new glasses. Rounder and most in fashion.

And another smirk that turned into a smile. Yep! He's back in his good mood.

Now, not to be done embarrassing him, I proceeded to take photos around EyeMart to his further mortification. Aren't these little eyeglass cases adorable? How could I NOT photograph them, hmmmmm?! Fuchsia polka dots! Whooooooa. Darling.


Black and white polka dots. Perfect fashion accessory for spring.

Yellow retro.

Soooooo 1960s lime green retro. Gag me with a spoon.

Orange and black retro for that halloween look. Gag....... But cute!

And it was all I could do to not buy this little red eyeglass caddy. Squeeeeeeeeal!! But I figured I'd done enough damage to our bank account for one day and LB wasn't looking too lovingly at me by this time. I think I embarrassed him. Nuuuuuuu, couldn't be.

Here is the optician tech that helped us. AND LB actually invited her to go to lunch with us at Olive Garden which was just a short walk from there. I'd have certainly welcomed her to go along but she refused. I think I'll go knee-cap him for sure tonight.

Okay, I finally took a shower and got this picture of the new glasses. Ain't I caaauuuute?!?! *Wink* and *Grin*!! And if you think getting a flattering photo up close like this is easy, guess again. *Sigh*.....
Either I need to brush my hair again or I need a haircut. Sheeeeesh....

Okay, this is even better when I took it as I was getting ready for church another day. Full blown closeup with all the wrinkles showing. These glasses are almost like the ones on the 40 yr. old photo on my profile page. Maaaaaan, have I changed or what!!