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Friday, April 1, 2011

Pink Saturday 4/2/2011

It's another Pink Saturday for all you great bloggers. Just click on the logo below and visit with Beverly to see pink things.


Okay, let's visit Mexico, Puerto Vallarta to be exact. I love Mexico. I've been there many times but my favorite place is Los Tules Resort in PV. We would rent a condo and usually have the pool to ourselves. There are actually 7 pools on the property but the area we usually requested was near the largest of the pools.

This is that pool. Once our condo was in that building to the right, but we'd get different rooms around that same pool. I absolutely loved it there. I prefer the west coast of Mexico of course since we're in the West. The end of May was the season we always went. It was almost deserted then so for us that was perfect.

This is one of the restaurants in the hotel Fiesta Americana, which is next door to Los Tules. It's outdoors so it's very casual if you wanted to eat there with your swimming suit on. That could be the exact table where I fainted into my plate of food. I'm very familiar with that outdoor restaurant and it's small. Since we've eaten there many times I know it well so, yep, that is the exact spot.

This is the Fiesta Americana next to Los Tules. You can just see the top of the condos in the middle part of the picture just above the palm trees. It's absolutely gorgeous!

BTW, my photos of the place are not digital and horrendous so I'm using the pictures from the website.

I went shoe shopping last week and was in Dillards looking for some proper shoes. Since I'm having surgery on my heel next week. (Nuuuu, don't cry; it ain't serious, chicks. Just separating my achilles tendon from my heel, scraping away some bone, be in a "non-load bearing" position for a week and a month in a boot. Piece of cake!)

Anyway, a month ago I bought a pair of SAS shoes. Those aren't cheap but supposed to be good walking shoes. One hundred and forty-eight dollars worth of "good walking shoe." It didn't solve my problem with pain.

So then to the Boise Mall and Dillards. The salesclerk measured me for a completely different size from the SAS store lady and showed me these shoes. They are among the ugliest shoes I've ever seen. BUT they are the shoe that the salespeople were wearing because it "rocks" your foot forward and does NOT bend. It's not padded in there, but that really didn't matter. They just feel good to walk in. I'm still getting used to them. One hundred and forty dollars worth of "getting used to"! And to tell you the truth, while I was out running errands yesterday people kept looking at my feet and 2 women said they were cute and asked me where I got them and what they cost. The shoe does NOT flex. I can't remember the concept the salesman described but I really like them. I feel steadier on my feet and am about 2" higher, which is great when you're only 5'4" tall. And they make your feet look small. AND they're a size 9, not a 10 like the SAS lady told me. I wondered why my right foot kept slipping in the other shoes. One foot is 1/2 size smaller but it was enough to make it not feel right. These aren't a problem because your foot is supposed to slip in there. Just weird but it works.

They're called Dansko and truly darling on the feet.

And Some Random Thoughts:

When reading a story the other day, one of the characters said something was "just across the way." It started me wondering just what is "the way." No practical explanation I think.

I got a "heads up" from a friend on the website Spokeo. If you haven't heard of it, go there and put in your name. It can be frightening what they know about you. I immediately requested my name be unsubscribed. People already know too much about us. I try to be as anonymous as possible but it's becoming less and less possible in this age of computers. Please take care of your identities. We belong to LifeLock and already they've alerted us to things going on.

Which brings me to Great Britain. Did you know they have cameras on every corner of London to help with security? They can track you no matter where you are. Even your car license plates. It hasn't deterred crime a bit, but I'm truly shocked the British, who are our forefathers, would give up their privacy in that manner. I don't want people knowing my every move! I want my rights to privacy. I'm a rider who likes to keep tight reins on my own life, not have someone else do it for me.

I sometimes listen to radio if I'm working around the house. I love talk radio. But it's truly seldom that I listen to very much otherwise. Anyway, I kept hearing one announcer say this about one host: He's Idaho's #1 Taco. I kept wondering what that meant until one day after several months I caught it. He was saying Idaho's #1 talk host. But it sure sounded like taco! We need to slow down and enunciate our speech more clearly. And don't even get me started on the teen talk of today!

Okay, you've had enough of me for one day. More in a few days. Opinions, that is. ;-)