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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Opera for Pink Saturday 9/11/2010

First of all, I want to commemorate the men and women who were killed by cowardly terrorists on this day in 2001. My heart ached that day and I cried and cried for those soles who burned and leapt to their deaths and for their families who were left behind. I also want to thank every single one of those firefighters, EMTs, brave men and women who went down fighting in the planes and all who helped that day. I pray we never have to experience anything like that again. America is the absolutely greatest country on earth. A country set up by God to assure us of our freedom and the right to worship our God as we choose. Hooray for America. They haven't beaten us down. I love my country—the greatest one on earth! And as for me, I intend to go buy some donuts today and take them to our local firefighters as a thank-you for being brave and willing to protect our city and lives with their lives.

Second, I need to apologize if you've commented on here in the past week and don't see your comment. Our ISP—Cableone—has partnered with Google gmail and all the Cableone subscribers have had to set up our email programs differently on an IMAP account instead of a POP account and I'm just not wild about IMAP accounts. It has taken me the whole week plus 4 times on the phone with Cableone to get it set up on my Mac Mail. Now, that is not an indictment of Cableone—I love them and they have always been nothing but great and helpful—but it has been frustrating because I have 7 different email accounts and it was frustrating to have some work, then fix them and others wouldn't. I hope I've got all of them fixed now but let me tell you, it has been frustrating! I'm still answering some of the emails. Sigh...

Happy Pink Saturday.

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I love opera and classical music. I listen to it frequently because it just seems to speak to my heart. I'm going to treat you to some of my favorite artists today. Just click on each flower to go to certain ones. I don't particularly like music on blogs because it slows the blog down so I've put it together this way so you won't experience sluggishness. Please, PLEASE listen to these beautiful, wonderful songs. I doubt you'll be disappointed.

Let's begin with Russell Watson

Let's hear another one of his most magnificent arias. I wish you could hear this on my iTunes. I found this one on the internet for you. It is beautiful and will certainly stir your heart.

Then Hayley Westenra

Now José Carreras and Sissel, who we'll listen to next all by herself


And José Carreras

And last we'll listen to Juan Diego Florez, who, ladies, is very easy on the eyes!

I truly hope you've enjoyed these wonderful artists and have a greater appreciation for beautiful music. (And, yesssssss, I love rock 'n roll, too.)