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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rambling again 4/24/2013

Reminding you again of my Pinterest page. I add new images several times a week, images that haven't appeared on here yet. There are now over 8,600 and more to come. I find searching for the images most relaxing, reading a book being my first choice, but I truly love looking for eye candy when I need a break from reading. So go over there and check it out. I know for a certainty you will not be disappointed. Promise!

Simply a vignette of froufrou items. The file folders on the left are gorgeous. My daughter gave me a set of some gorgeous ones with roses and different flowers and strawberries on them but I haven't used them as I hate to waste them! I really should use them here on my desk. I'll show them to you in the next post. What good will they do me when I'm dead?!

This is a shelf that someone made out of a chair. Probably the bottom wasn't worth saving, but isn't that a cute idea?

I really like this little scene with a comfy reading chair, ottoman, sheep skin, blankets for warmth and a table for my book or drink.

I wonder what the neighbors think when they see this kind of setting. Frankly, I'd love seeing it in my neighbor's yard.

There is no way this is feasible in our dusty area. White? Yes, I'd love it but we get some neighbor's cats on our front porch sometimes and these would be so filthy I couldn't tolerate them. And I don't want to kill the neighbor's cats. Okay, okay, I don't want to hear it from the animal lovers; I'm just kidding, okay?!

I love the colors on this chair. It's a simply plain chair but the covering makes it jazzy. Gorgeous!

I have a friend in our ward who is Swedish descent and her daughter served a mission in Sweden. Whenever I see this kind of photo I think of her: bright white and blue. I have viewed a lot of Swedish or northern European blogs and the light in them is incredible. Probably the best photos I've seen are from those blogs.

This woman and I think a lot alike. I decorated my living room lamps with big faux roses all the way around. I absolutely love them and have gotten many compliments on them. Of course, some women in Idaho—most—don't get it but some do.

Okay, I want this chair but I don't know where it is so I can't steal it. I recently bought 2 French cane back chairs and redid them with chalk paint, feather boas, faux roses and ribbons. The other two chairs I have are solid oak and covered with chair covers I made several years ago. I wanted two chairs to match and two other chairs to match and they do. But I got to thinking about it and wanted another chair decorated also. I thought of looking for one in a thrift store and then remembered I had one that I recently put out on our front porch. It has a chicken wire seat that broke. Hubs made a seat out of plywood I can put on top of it and just make a ruffled seat cover for it like the two French chairs. So I shopped th' house as I've said many times before. I'll post photos when I'm done with it. It's white and shabby-ed up already and has roses decals on it so not much to do except make the seat usable. I'm so thrilled I thought of that.

When Miss Caroline, our great granddaughter was over the middle of March, we took her to see our friend's chicken coop. She was thrilled but her Dada wasn't too thrilled when we got back in his Denali. Somebody had chicken poo on their feet and it wasn't me. We never did find out who had it on their feet. But this chicken coop reminded me of that day. My friend's coop is adorable also, but she's not a shabby chic-type gal like this one is.

Truly, I did not find this photo until after I did a very similar thing with faux hydrangeas. I love mine in an old drawer I painted white in this post here.

I've decorated many birdhouses as I love having them around the house, giving them as gifts or giveaways and love decorating them. I use fabric on them as I'm not a very good painter. But I think this one is adorable.

I think I'll next look for a ladder to decorate like this. Oh, I have one but it's just 5 very narrow rungs and are not wide like this one.

I can't wait until our peonies bloom. I love the smell and lushness of them. I only wish they had a longer growing season.

I'm sure a lot of you would like to live like this, not me. I want as many neighbors around me as I can get. But I have to admit it's a beautiful setting.


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