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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Apple Saved My Bumpkis Today

First of all, let me tell you that I've been experiencing difficulty with photos appearing in my Photobucket account. I've been in contact with them and they're working on the issue. With almost 13,000 photos in there, needless to say, but not being a chick at a loss for words, I'll say it anyway, I don't want to move them anywhere else. I love PB and hope this issue is cleared up soon. If not, I may have to discontinue posting for a few days. I hope this isn't the case. I have scheduled posts out to the end of September. As of 6 pm Tuesday, 9/4, PB is still down with maintenance so I can't do much. I'm just hoping these photos come through. I'll see tomorrow morning when this posts. 

Second, let me say just one other thing here: I'll definitely delete or block you as a follower if you are subscribed to other websites or blogs that I deem inappropriate. This is not a violation of your "free speech", but if you want to be a follower of mine just so other bloggers will click over to your blog and it's a p*rn one, forget it. I won't allow that. I became a bit suspicious when one person started following me a few days ago so I checked out their site and it had things I just do not approve of. I think most people know what that means. I'm really sorry I had to post this but it came up and I'm just not into those sort of things and wouldn't want others to have to find out the hard way for themselves what it is.

As I've stated before, we've been an Apple Mac family from the beginning. Having owned at least 7 Macs through the years and also owning 2 regular PCs at the moment, we can tell you the superiority of Macs over PCs. There is no comparison. But, however, today my iMac saved my bumpkis again.

On Macs for the past several years there is an application called Time Machine on Mac OSX and later. When you click on it on the Dock, your whole desktop crops down and Time Machine then takes over. It looks like something from outer space actually. Here's what mine looks like. The "timeline" is over on the right side so you can go back as far as it'll let you, which on my machine is September 2011. I have an external hard drive that updates every hour. I take NO chances with anything on this machine. As with many of you, my life is on my computer. ;)

But anyway, I was Photoshopping some photos to upload to Photobucket. Now, when I edit them in PhotoShop, they come from one folder. As I'm finished editing them, I put them in another folder. It's not uncommon for me to have 200-250 photos at a time to edit. I do small batches of about 20-25 at a time. Then I trash them from the original folder into the trash and delete the trash. (This may sound complicated or tedious to some but it works well for me...until today.) After editing them from the first folder and putting that batch into the second folder, I then upload them to PB. But today I actually trashed several photos from the second folder inadvertently. I smacked myself on the head for doing it because I'd probably never find these photos on the internet again! I peruse lots of sites to find these delicious eye candy photos to share.

And then, I remembered I had Time Machine. Whew! I don't have to use it very often at all—rarely, in fact. So I clicked on TM and retrieved them from earlier in the day; in this case, about a half hour. I cannot tell you the relief I felt. I love computers, but especially my Mac.

And this is the quilt bedspread I purchased for my bedroom. It should be here in about a week. I can't wait to see it!


This bedroom is absolutely one of the most darling I've ever seen. Lucky is the little girl who lives in it. I assume it's a girl because of the furnishings in the room.

Just a sweet sun room for some lucky family. Very inviting and my kind of room.

A pretty street in somewhere in France.

Sweet pink hutch holding even sweeter plates.

Lovin' this cozy red and yellow living room.

This is the way I've felt for the last few months. I'm picking up now with the help of my wonderful hubby, affectionately known here as Love Bunny, but it has been a struggle, let me tell ya!

A beautiful old home but the flowers in the foreground are what caught my eye.

Can you image a small room like this just to sit and read? Looks like 2 chaise lounges. This to me is heaven.

Oooh, I love the colors in this room.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Lust away, friends. That thatched roof looks like lace on the top.

This photo is here because I love this color combo. ;-)

I know it's not the Christmas season but this heat of 90° here in the desert is getting to me so much that I'm anticipating the cold temperatures coming soon. And this is a lovely photo of a home.

Just give me glorious color and I'm happy!

The Golden Gate Bridge. My favorite city in the world to eat and shop. But look at the tiny pool this homeowner has. Property is at a premium in "The City by the Bay."

Have you noticed this blog post has a lot of pictures of my favorite color combinations?
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