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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Roses and a New Bed

I went to Boise today to buy a new bed. Our last bed was purchased from Sears in Feb. 1989........does that tell you something?!?! Hmmmmmmm???? It was time! Now, hubs doesn't have a problem with the bed OR with falling asleep. His head hits the pillow and within 1 minute he's asleep. I lie there thinking up ways to wake him UP!!! LOL. Married for 47+ years and it's been that way from day one. Sooooo he saw no reason to purchase a new one. My back has been killing me. He says to get up off this computer and away from practicing my roses and that will help. Killjoy!!! Anyway, we know who won this battle, right?! New bed arrives next week on thursday. ;-) It's a foam bed like our other one. I love foam because it doesn't bounce like springs and is just so comfy that I said I'd never buy anything BUT a foam/latex bed ever again after this one. Just soooo wonderful!

Okay, here are pix of roses I've done today. Now, I really have to say that they look much better in person. I'm doing them on newsprint because it's so cheap, though an ugly color, but it serves its purpose - cheap for lots of it. ;-) I am practicing with different brushes: angles, filberts, rounds, script liners, flats, large, small, smaller. Just point me in the direction of the brush aisle in Michaels and I'll pick another brush! So here's the last day of what I've done. I'll probably practice more tonight. Some are better than others; some are WORSE than others, but it truly helps me to get used to the brushes and the paints. Yep, different paints are better than others. I'm finding that out also. Cheap paint IS cheap PAINT. You'll also notice I'm practicing leaves and some squiggles also. I think I've got something good going in the last 2 pictures, chicks! But every single brush stroke has taught me something and I'm grateful for my friends who paint that have told me that. They know who they are!!

Ooooh, and please don't laugh too hard!! It ain't easy trying to be another Grandma Moses, ya know......... Hah.........