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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Slipcover for Sale

This is just a short post about a slipcover. The cover below is for sale. I gave the sofa and slipcover to my granddaughter but she decided she didn't want the slipcover so she brought it back when she came over for Thanksgiving.

I bought that slipcover from a catalog I used to get but the publication is no longer sending them out to me so I can't remember the name but it was an upscale one. The cover in question is a green and white ticking stripe as you can see in the photos below. It is in A-1 condition or I would NOT be selling it. Several people asked me if I ever wanted to sell it to let them know. I've forgotten who they are but it's now for sale. This is one item I'm NOT giving away to someone. It's a heavy twill I would guess and it's been washed a few times and comes out beautifully. No stains or wear on it. I just put it right back on the sofa. I paid several hundred dollars for it, about $400 OR $500 if I remember correctly. So if anyone is interested just send me a comment and I'll get back to you. I'll let it go for $200.00 and that's a fantastic deal. Those of you who know how much good slipcovers are worth will appreciate this. I had one made for the same size sofa in the 1980s and it cost me $800.00 at that time. This is a steal and I would not get rid of it except that we're scaling down and don't need it any longer. I think it weighs about 40 pounds to ship. I'll check that out if there is any interest in it. Here are two pictures of it in our family room. The family room doesn't look like this anymore but you get the idea for the slipcover. I am also posting it on craigslist so first come first one gets it. I can guarantee you will NOT be disappointed.

Again, contact me through a comment and I'll get back to you promptly. Thanks!