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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Finding My Own "Voice"

"Voice" in this instance means my "water seeking its own level" or my own abilities, such as they are.

There has been a group of women on ebay—who have been with me from the beginning of the odyssey (yes, an odyssey) to learn how to paint. I've accepted that I'll never be "great" at it and will have to skate by with "mildly adequate" at painting a rose. I truly have no natural ability for it. If by some chance I get better it will be by sheer luck (and I'm really not into "luck") or tenacity and/or lessons from a professional painter.

But every once in a while around the ol' homestead here I'll pick up a brush and practice or just do something that pleases me in regards to painting. That's what I did recently. I had a little jar that I wanted to froufrou up to hold some creams I had.

I cannot seem to capture the one-stroke form of painting so I just do what I can and not stress about it. If it makes me happy and Love Bunny think it's great, then so be it.

Here is my latest attempt on a cream jar. This is the beginning of the front.........

and this is the beginning of the back.

And this is the finished product. I spray painted the lid a vivid glossy pink. This is the front.....................

and this is the back. I accept applause and kudos, chicks!

Random Thought

When purchasing a new ironing board cover and taking it out of the heavy plastic wrapper, do NOT toss it on the floor beneath your stockinged feet. You could slip and fall on your b*tt easily if the ironing board wasn't sturdy enough to stop the descent to the floor. Personal experience from this past week!