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Friday, June 20, 2008

Musing in My Bathroom!

Don't forget to scroll down and check out FFM, my little kumquats!!

Okey dokey, my sweet chicks, I gotta vent! I was sitting in the bathroom this morning doing my business and I thought of something Hubs/Love Bunny mentioned to me several months ago. Now, I'm known in the family for.........ummmmm, how do I put this so as to not offend.........well, simply put - for stopping up "la toilette." It rarely, if ever, gets stopped up when hubs or visiting kids use it. Hubs said it was because I used too much toilette paper. Au contraire, mes amis, soooo not so!! I simply didn't do it any different - more or less, if you get my drift! So at that time hubs told me to use less "toilette paper"! So I rationed myself to 4 sheets per "visit" when I go to rid myself of the water bottle I hit frequently. I rationed myself to 6 sheets when I ate a lot of grapes, beans, etc. Now, my sweet blossoms, I buy the best tissue - Cottonelle 2 ply!! So it is thicker. (Oh, as an aside, let me mention here that when daughter and her hubby visited they doubled the amount we would normally use because they're used to the 1 ply "el cheapo" stuff and doubled up what would be considered "normal" amounts! Their "cheap" stuff is soft but you go through it like squirrels through nuts!!) Okay, back to story.

So I sat there and thought about it. Now, if I compromised and did "BOTH" at the same time, does that mean I can use 10 sheets per visit?? You know, 4 + 6 = 10???!!! I truly cannot see how that would solve the problem though. I think hubs is just reaching for that one, don't you?!?! I truly think hubs needs to direct his attention to more important things!!! Hah........

Just one of those things you think about when you have nothing else to think about. Hah... Oh, but wait till you hear what I think about when I awake at night staring at the clock next to my bed!!!!!!!! Whhhoooooooooo, chickees!!

Friday Flea Market Is Here!!!!!!

I am a generous and kind person and the Lord has blessed me beyond measure, my sweet chickees! You never know when I might just do a GiveAway - could be a day or two or could be a month or two. AND it could be to the first person who gets in touch with me after I put it on the blog!! Ya just never know!!

So for FFM I've got 2 things for you at a very good price. I can't give it all away, little munchkins!

In keeping with the theme of polka dots of FFM the little heart shaped box is wood and has a hand made red polka dot ribbon rose on top. It's PINK(!) of course. It's yours for $5.00 plus shipping and that will depend on where you live. Just get in contact with me through the comments if you'd like to buy it.


These are decorated clothespins. I use them to hang just about anything on my trellis that some sweet chicks send me on a regular basis! I said I'm blessed beyond measure. The 6 of the PINK beauties are yours for $2.00 + shipping. SOLD!