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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Creating a New Message Board

I've had an old message board that Love Bunny has been using for the last several years but not to its full advantage so I confiscated it and gave it a new look. It's a large one I originally made for him in USMC colors of red and yellow or as the Marines say "scarlet and gold." So I took it apart after hubs said it couldn't be done (duh); I got the board IN the frame so it has to come out, right? Yep, after several "it can't be done" from him I finally got it out. But I've usually got a couple of things going at once so while painting the frame for the cork board I painted an old large can and some lids outside being that it was so hot it would dry quickly.

The lids.

The large can painted white that I'll add decals to.

The unpainted frame.

The original fabric. I told you I "don't do dust"!! Can you see where the ribbons were on it?

Working on it at the cutting table. Those ribbons are a very bright yellow.

Finished putting in the upholstery tacks to hold the ribbon on.

This is the closest to the true color of all these pictures. Truly yellow and pink fabric but, again, very bright yellow ribbons.

Hanging on the wall behind me as I sit at my computer. Much prettier up close and in real life.