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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cottages, Roses and Porch to Daydream About

I'm going to repeat this statement until I am through with these scheduled posts that I did with the old Blogger interface and the new interface automatically adapted it to the new interface, which is showing uneven gaps between the photos and text. From that point on I'll be using a template I've created for myself and this statement will disappear. I. Can't. Wait!! Plus to get rid of these horrible looking posts I'm going to publish one every day until they are gone. Trying to work them into some semblance of order just will NOT work! I'm trying as diligently as I can, working on it for several hours a day to conquer the wonkiness of the new interface. And don't you ever think I won't win this battle! ;-)

As I said several weeks ago, for the most part there is no particular theme to any of the photos I post on here. I just gather thousands of photos from the internet to show you and perhaps let you daydream a while. I couldn't possibly post them with a theme. There are too many variations on the photos. Some are beautiful homes. Some are beautiful rooms in a home. Some are yards and gardens that make one dream of a getaway. Some are actually getaways for vacations. Some are just simply eye candy, which are my favorites. Some days I think I'll stop as I have well over ten thousand photos on my Photobucket account, but then I'll find more and just can't wait to share them with others. So here are some cuties for today.

I can't quite make this tiny dwelling out, if it's a bridge or a house with very unusual front and back entries. I think it's cute though.

It's the sofa, pillows and chair that drew me to this room.

This is a lunch box. I think any girl or boy would like taking lunch to school in this, even a hubby! Mine definitely would. He's a man's man, but he's so funny sometimes it makes me cry laughing so much. You wouldn't know it if you just looked at him. But once you get to know him, you don't ever trust what he says! ;-)

A view from the Amalfi coastline—a place on the shin of the Italian boot coastline.

And this is the town of Amalfi, for those of you who will visit it someday. As you can see, you'll not be wearing high heels to walk the cobbles of this town, more like hiking boots.

This tiny toy set just set my heart a flutter. Pink trucks! Caroline loves trucks and trains so she can have them in PINK now. Maybe hubs, her Poppop, would paint an old one in pink for her. She loves pink and purple.

A cozy little spot to sit and look at the garden, it looks to be somewhere in Europe.

While it looks creepy, I think it's just the darkness of the photo that lends that look to this little cottage. I didn't photoshop it because I wanted to show it exactly as it is. I think it's rather cute yet foreboding in those deep dark woods.

If I had the energy I'd make one of these tablecloths but I'd rather try to find one already made if I could.

Draw up the ladder and you can get away from it ALL in this little tree house.

No one would ever mistake me for a gardener but I think these just may be the famous Cecile Brunner roses as they grow prolifically over arbors. I'd love to have some but I don't know where I'd put them. Our arbor has grapes but maybe I could get hubs to plant these there instead of the grapes. I love roses more than grapes.

This sweet, relaxing porch is among my absolute favorites for whiling away a summer afternoon. Darling!!!!!

This is the shade of yellow I love with pink and red—bright lemony yellow.
My formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between I occupy myself as best I can because people living deeply have no fear of death. And I don't fear death. It's only the separation from my sweetheart for a season that will make me sad, but it truly is only for a small season.
Photos courtesy of tumblr and pinterest.