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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Friend's Home Tour #4

Update on son 4/12/09

Go here to read the latest on our son's situation. Thank you.

This room belongs to my "scrapping buddy" and is adorable. She just got this room from her sister, who went to another room. You get a "peek" at another chandelier in this room also. Notice the shabby chic lamp. That floor lamp in the corner is one I gave her as I had no place for it. Tash even has a fluffy throw for her bed. I think she's one of us, chicks! *Smile* This is the lower level of the house.

Tash needed a valentine box in a hurry last month so her mom brought her over and we put this box together with fabric and crepe paper garland in under an hour. It was quickly done with glue but we got it done in record time! I guess Tash liked it so much she kept it. :-) Those are probably her baby shoes on the window sill. The curtains are also Rachel Ashwell.

These are Tasha's baby dresses. Aren't they adorable? Of course, having seen them in person I know it better than you do, but I do love the way she displays them like I do. Adorable!

Notice the shabby chic rug on the carpet, the little chenille chair and the vanity desk for her. How cute is that?!

There is only one boy at home now and he's 4 or 5 I think. Their sons are all married I believe and have kids of their own now. But the boy's area is just that: BOYS area! All patriotic and red, white and blue. They have plenty of room for all the grandkids when they come.

An extra bed for the toddlers that visit. This is a very patriotic family as you can see from all the flags. Love it!!

Phyllis had to close these drawers when I was doing the photoshoot. I told her it was fine but being an excellent housekeeper, she wanted it perfect. It was a cute gesture but she is a meticulous woman.

Is this cute or what?! Her hubby made this for their kids years ago and they can play on it with a real saddle. I have never seen another one like this. Just darling.

This is the media room. I didn't take a picture of the "television" because it's so big I wasn't sure if it was an actual television. It's behind a blue curtain that draws closed. Must be some kind of "media" this old chick isn't familiar with yet but it looked like a movie screen of some sort. I'm sooooo not in touch with "media" now except computers. Notice the blue wood burning stove.

A kid's room is just to the left of the media room. This could definitely be a bedroom but it houses all kinds of things for the kids and grandkids to play with, play on or dress up in. What a treat this is for little ones I'm sure. Horses to ride, kitchens to "cook" in, costumes to dress up in, chalk boards to write on, strollers and dollies to push, boxes and boxes of toys, phones and shelves of stuffed animals. This room is a child's dream play room!

I'll round this one up for today. Only one more blog post to show you of this lovely home.