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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Greeenhurst Nursery #11, Pink Saturday and An Award

Last post was my tale of woe with the computers so I need to apologize to Queenie of Somewhereintime blog for taking so long to respond to her sweet award to me. She's given me the "A Perfect Blend of Friendship" award. Queenie/Christie always posts pictures of her family, state, home and gardens. I thoroughly enjoy visiting her blog because she exhibits her love for her family in her blog. And that's what is all about: family. So thank you, my sweet cherub.

Do I have the same friends from childhood? Nooooo, I was a military brat and traveled and lived in many states. I know no one from my childhood days. Memories, yes, but actual relationships, no.

What do I value most about my friends? That would have to be their ability to put up with me! I'm very opinionated and never hold back on stating those opinions. ;-)

Are my friends sounding boards? You betcha!!! But hubby is my best sounding board because he doesn't put up with my "theatrics or hysterics" and lets me have it with both barrels. This is done lovingly and with an attitude of trying to help.

What is my favorite activity to share with friends? Eating!! Going out to lunch and just chatting with them. Feed me and I'll follow you anywhere, chicks!

Now, I'm not selecting just one person; I want all who read this and want to answer the questions to do so. I love hearing about other people. My only request is that you email me through the email link on the profile page and let me know you've answered the questions. Yesssssss, I DO care and will be waiting for your answers! Just let me know.

Now, for more treats from the nursery.

This is their "bar and spirits" area. I'm not a drinker so I only got a few shots here because once you've seen a bottle of wine you've seen them all. ;-) Truly it was just a small area though. I love that chair though and those little things hanging on the table are relaxation disks. Beautiful music is played though out the year in this establishment. No rock here, just classical.....for the plants, I'm sure, but I love classical music.

Look at that gorgeous lamp - one of so many in this place.

I love aprons and this one is one of the cutest I've ever seen. Red polka dots! Look at those lime green totes also. Dahhhhling......

More Christmas dolls.

These are adorable also.

This is the wall leading into the "kitchen" area! It is so colorful with red and lime green. Are those this year's Christmas colors??? Hmmmmm???? I wonder....

This is the "french country" area. That satin quilted table cover has feathers on the bottom. My friend, Stephanie, would love that! Blingggggg!!!! Stephhhhhh, smooches for our mum!!! Make sure she reads this one. We share a "mum" but I think Mum loves me the best!! Hah.....

The french farm house table. I doubt that it is an antique but it is gorgeous!

Just more "eye candy" down an aisle.

A wall in the "kitchen" area. Aprons, dishes, unique ornaments reminiscent of olden days.....fantastic.

Now, I thought this was a fantastic idea. Remember the paper chains we used to make in school? Well, they've taken it to new heights with pretty papers, not just the construction papers we knew as children, but delicious polka dots, plaids, stripes in pink and greens. I loved this idea for even a fireplace or across the top of a door or window.

And here is that little apron in the above photo unfolded. Black and white checks with pink trim. Squeeeeeeeeal!!!

Shot of standing at one end and taking picture of other wall of "kitchen" area. The wall with the colorful red and lime green gadgets is on the other side of the right side of this photo. Just to give you a bit of perspective. This area looks like "Candy Land"!!

That stove is an antique. You're just seeing the door. I'll have the full one in another group of photos. As I've said I got over 200 photos that day and I'm taking them as they come mostly. Aren't those dishes cute? And the "popcorn" balls? Nope, nothing is real. Nooooo, wait, those little lollipops in the bottom of photo are real.