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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pink Saturday 9/27/08 Fabric Stashes

Just more of my stash that will be put away I think. Maybe some I'll keep out for little projects. This is a fraction of what is in that room! Almost all of them have roses of some sort on them. If you see anything you might like, let me know and I'll see how much of that fabric there is and we can "deal"!! LOL I truly need to "de-stash"!!!!


Plus I've started on my first rose canvas painting. This is NOT easy for me! I'm scared to death but I shall persevere, chicks. ;-) These are the first shots of it. I prepped it with a wash of yellow, then pink, then blue. It is a pretty background. This is my first "layer" of the roses. If this is boring for you, then please just click off. I don't mean to bore but definitely want to share the experience and encourage others to pursue their dreams.


And to share another little secret with you.

Remember the blog post that I shared a few photography tips I'd gotten from a friend? Well, the tissue one is really cheap and definitely works. Here are the results......BUT what I do is use one tissue and tear little strips and.........okay, this is gross, BUT I lick the side of the strip of tissue and just kind of "tape" it right over the teeny flash part with spit! Yep, it sticks right on there for the few minutes it takes to snap the picture and then I can throw it away right after the shoot. Works great, easy, cheap - as I use the same tissue over many times - and then just throw away the tissue scrap! I'm so proud of myself for doing that one, gals!!! LOL

Okay, since I schedule these ahead a couple of days I've decided to go ahead and post my finished first roses painting. Do you have any idea how much courage it takes to not only do this, but to subject it to the whole blogging world to see?!?!?! MUCH courage, my sweet chickadees, MUCH courage!

This one is after another "layer" of paint.

This is after a couple of more strokes of pinker paint and putting in some "stems" for the leaves.
Okay, fini!! Now on to the next painting. I'm not sure what I'll do this time. Maybe some more roses after a bit more practice. This is TRULY NOT easy. It is very, very difficult to paint a rose. You've GOT to trust me on this one!

May I please have a round of applause for my fortitude, gutsiness and endurance?!?! LOL.....Enjoy, chicks!