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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Victorian Red Rose Wreath Giveaway for Pink Saturday 1/16/09

No matter what your beliefs on religion or politics, the people of Haiti need our prayers. What a devastating thing to happen to God's children. And they are children of God. Please offer prayers and any relief you can for these poorest of poor people. May God bless the children who are left not only homeless but orphans. My heart truly does cry for them.

As usual here, it's another Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly of HowSweetTheSound. So go visit the other participants. I went to so many new ones last week I can't name them all.

Some of the sweet sisters in my eBay group also love the darker colors for their homes as do I. It depends on what it is and where it's to be placed in my home, but I definitely love those colors. I have a plethora of these silk roses left over from some crafts of the past so I thought I'd come up with another tree topper wreath. But this one is for you, chicks. Yesssss, it's another giveaway for this silver and garnet colored roses wreath. You can use it on your tree next year or simply decorate something in your home with it. It is the same size as the one I have on my white, pink and roses Christmas tree. Rules are the same as posted here.

OOoooooh, and winner will be drawn monday night, Jan. 18th at 6 pm mountain time.