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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another Putter Around the House Day

It's a foggy day here in southwest Idaho and I've decided to do another post before I eat lunch and balance my check book. Sigh... Is there anything else I'd rather not do than balance my checkbook? Nuuuuuu, in fact, I'd rather clean toilets than that.

New followers rarely, if ever, go back and read some really interesting posts when they start following someone and I'm no different. There is only one woman I went back to the very beginning and read all her posts because she's sooooo funny. I laughed and laughed and laughed at all of them and there were hundreds. So in that spirit, some of you newbies might think I'm boring. Au contraire, you just haven't been here long enough to go with me and Love Bunny on a camping trip in the wilds of Idaho (btw, I hate camping!) or to see some of the crafts I do or to visit our small home. I suggest you kind of browse to see some of them. But today I'm just rambling.

I do this kind of thing for my home.

Journals. Do you journal? I don't. Oh, I've tried but I just can't get the hang of it so I do my "journaling" here on line. I'd much rather type than write.

Or things I've done to different houses I've lived in such as this.

Or this very quick redo when we thought we sold the house, moved out and the deal fell through and we had to move back in at the height of the winter holiday season!

One of the many lamps I've redone for our home.

This chandelier I made for our bedroom.

And this little ribbon tree I whipped up when I had snippets leftover from many crafting projects.

Or little perfume bottles that I've used up all the Shalimar, White Shoulders or Poison perfume and decided I just can't rid myself of the gorgeous bottles. When I get through with my Juicy Couture I promise you it'll get refurbished and shown here. :-)

I also do random thoughts once in a while.

Random Thoughts:

Remember, the biggest lie out there is: Satan doesn't exist and One Size Fits All! I suppose that's actually two but oh well.