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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sofa and Chair Styles and Fabrics

This post today is my 500th post. Stay tune for an announcement this next week, my sweet chicks! *Wink*........

If you know me even a smidgen you know how I feel about furniture. I love it!!! And I'm very picky about good quality furniture. It definitely pays to buy something other than the cheapest thing on the showroom floor. I'm not saying you have to buy a George Smith sofa that starts at a low of around $11,000.00 and goes to around $16,000.00 for most sofas and UP for a custom sofa, but they will last for a lifetime. They are the ultimate in sofas. I can't afford them but there are a lot of similar ones that are pretty good for less than half that price. The first 9 sofas below are George Smith sofas. They are superior to almost any other sofa or chair.

Velvet. Ahhh, luxury........
I'm not fond of orange but this is gorgeous!

Silk is a very good fabric for upholstery. It lasts surprisingly long.
Kind of country in a formal way.
This is one of my favorites also.

For that log cabin look.

Or Adirondack look.

I can't imagine white upholstered sofas. But my son and his wife have a white living room and it is upholstered and truly amazing how clean it is with 2 boys and their friends running around. Surprisingly clean and white.

Leather!!!! My favorite chair is a big comfy leather one and I just love it.

The next sofas are a little more reasonable for tight budgets. These are around $2,000.00 for a nice quality sofa.

I thought this chair was gorgeous when I first saw it I love the colors and the pattern used on it.

And I could see this one in my family room or bedroom.

This is the style of the sofa in my home now. Mine isn't this brand. Mine is an Ethan Allen with a taupe embroidered upholstery and I love their furniture! Excellent quality at a decent price.