My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

White Wednesday 11/4/09

White wednesday is here again and I'm showing you just a few photos of some vintage linens in white as that is my "non-color" of choice. I love white. Outside of pink, I'd rather have white walls than anything else. They just look so fresh and clean. But linens? I looooove white linens.

Daydreaming of living in a place like this. Aaaaahhhh...


I am joining in this blog event for the month of November to share some of my blessings with all of you. Join us if you'd like. I probably won't participate each day but just as I post, which is NOT every single day.
I am grateful for my hubby, affectionately known as Love Bunny and called Bunny by no other than me! This man has a special place in the celestial kingdom just for putting up with me I can assure you. He's the world's greatest temperate man...being married to me requires this! He'll have my love for all eternity.