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Friday, September 12, 2008

Last of Photo Tips for Now!

Good morning, sweet chicks. I'm sooooo tired of taking photos!! You think YOU'RE bored?!?!?! Nuuuuuuuuu, it's me taking the pix and taking the notes and posting endless boring pix of the same plate and jar!! (Excuse me while I have a nervous breakdown for a few minutes.) Leaving room sobbing.....................

Okay, I'm back. Chocolate cake works wonders for "nervous breakdowns"!!!!

BUT I got another tip from a photographer monday night. She's a professional and teaches it at a local high school. In lieu of a costly filter she suggested 2 things. One is a tissue and the other is a piece of card stock. I took it with the door and blind closed so absolutely no artificial light came in. I took it in the dark at night. I used only 2 items: a jar and a gold encrusted plate. Both have been my nemesis when it came to capturing even a "good" photo. These came out beyond my wildest imaginations!!

Take a piece of card stock to about the size of your flash. I can't photograph my own camera or I'd show you. Anyway, cut it and score it so that you can attach it to your camera with a piece of scotch tape so that it is attached just below your flash - shielding the flash - and the flash will then "focus" on the piece of card stock and the light will "bounce" UP. Then I held a piece of card stock ABOVE the camera out of sight of the camera view. I tried it several times and have most of the results below with a few notes as I went along. Remember, this is FREE!!! I did it this way because I have no desire to become professional, just want to blog and sell items here.

First pix with card stock. Each succeeding photo was adjusted just one "notch" for light as I went along. See photos as I go along.

Second pix with card.

Third pix with card stock.

Fourth pix with card stock. With the jar and succeeding pix below I tried to get closer just a bit as I clicked the photo.

Fifth pix with card stock.

Sixth pix with card stock.

Yep, goofed here. 7th pix

This one I edited out the little front spot with my iPhoto. That's all I did to this one.

Did not edit out spot on this one but got closer to jar with camera.

Did not edit it out on this one either, but got closer with camera.

This plate is so heavily encrusted with gold that I have NEVER been able to get a good photograph of it. This is the 1st photo - no filter.

This is with the "kleenex tissue filter."

This is the same picture but I edited out a tiny bit of the spots on the upper part of white on left and the lower right where you can see the light a bit.

As you can see it gets better and better with the kleenex tissue.

Tad better here. At least there is no "light" spot on this photo.
Still room for improvement but that's just it - KEEP PRACTICING until you can say you are getting a really good picture.

While I'm here, my little chicks, and so you won't be complete bored to tears, let me show you my latest round of practice roses. Most of you know I've been practicing roses off and on - mostly OFF - for about a year or so. These are the latest. I'm simply looking for a impressionistic shabby (I got that part down right; they're definitely "shabby"!! Plus I am SOOOOO sad****......well, I'd put the word in here but then I'd have all the weirdos looking at my blog!) type of rose because I'll NEVER EVER (because I don't think my life is that looooooong to allow for it!) be able to do one like Ronda or Cindy or Gail or Rhea or whomever........... Sob....... But this is my latest and I may do a painting as a "giveaway" but don't let that scare you away, chicks!! Remember, it's FREEEEEEEEE!!!!